Haunt Spotlight: Darksyde Acres in Jonesville, Michigan


Darksyde Acres offers a total of 7 attractions including Zombie Paintball, and more.


  • Zombie Paintball Massacre
  • The Rusthole
  • The Catacombs
  • The Dark Abyss
  • The Labyrinth Outdoor Maze
  • The Hayride (New for 2012)
  • Death Race 2012 (New for 2012)

Darksyde Acres is open on Friday and Saturday nights in October and October 30 and 31. The box office is open from 7:30pm until midnight on nights of operation, but you can also purchase your tickets online in advance.

Ticket prices start as low as $7 for individual attractions, but you can purchase a combo and see multiple attractions. Ticket pricing is as follows:

Individual Attraction Passes

  • Catacombs, Rusthole, Dark Abyss —-$20
  • The Labyrinth —-$7
  • Haunted Hayride—-$7
  • The Dark Abyss—-$12

Combo Packs

  • Catacombs, Rusthole, Dark Abyss, Labyrinth—-$25
  • Labyrinth and Haunted Hayride—-$10
  • Catacombs, Rusthole, Dark Abyss, Labyrinth and the Haunted Hayride—-$30

Zombie Paintball

  • 20 Shots—-$5
  • 100 Shots—-$20

If you don’t feel like waiting in line, you can also purchase an RIP Pass (front of the line pass) for an additional $10.

For more information about Darksyde Acres, visit the official website.