Reimagined Test Track reopening date set at Walt Disney World


December is going to be an amazing month at Walt Disney World Resort. Not only do you have all the wonderful holiday celebrations happening at every Disney park, but you also have the grand opening of the all new Fantasyland. According to the Disney Parks Blog, you’ll have one more reason to be at the park this December as an old favorite attraction will reopen after a lengthy rehab, and complete re-imagining.



On December 6th, Test Track the attraction that allows you to take a high speed test run on a banked track will reopen. The attraction will now be sponsored by Chevrolet, and will let guests design their own Sim Cars in a design studio. Once guests design their cars, they will board the attraction vehicles and be able to compare their designs performance, and durability to the ride design.

Once the attraction is over, guests will then be able to take their designs through different simulations in the post show area. The attraction was sponsored by GM and included all new concept cars, as well as current models  that guests could inquire about purchasing. The attraction also showcased some new technology and was one of the first places to see all electric vehicles.

The attraction opens December 6th, the same day of the brand new Fantasyland. The parks will most likely be extremely packed that day.

For more information, including tickets, visit the official Walt Disney World website!