Tampa Bay Buccaneer Cheerleaders scream like girls at Howl O Scream


It’s a yearly right of passage for Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders. They must go to Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa, have a camera follow them around and get tortured mercilessly by the actors in the houses. The cheerleaders Karen, Kara, Miwa, Katrice, Jessica B., Sydney, Samantha, Amanda, Taylor, Jacqueline, Julianne, Kasey, Tricia and Jessica J toured all the houses and faced the roaming hordes of scareactors in the park.



The girls toured the two new houses, Superstition Circus in 3D and Blood Asylum.



Guests can experience all seven houses at this year’s Howl O Scream which runs for just three more weeks. We highly recommend getting Fright Feast which allows you to see a show, eat a buffet style dinner, and get early access to all the houses as well as front of the line access until 8:30. It’s plenty of time to get all of the houses done.


For more information, including tickets to Howl O Scream, visit the official website.