Cheering for Makayla-Help us reach out and help someone


We rarely get very personal, but this is something that I felt we needed to do. We have a lot of great people who help us out on the website by taking pictures, and shooting video and going to events that we just can’t get to. One of those people is Joey Hancock, who has become a member of not only our online family, but we feel him as a close member of our own family on a personal level as well. Joey has a member of his family named Makayla, and Makayla is very special. Makayla also needs your help.



Makayla is 17 years old, and was born with Downs Syndrome. At the age of 2 she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and after fighting it through chemotherapy,forced it into remission. At the age of 11 she had a kidney transplant. Throughout all of this, Makayla has stayed strong, stayed a kid and has lived a very happy and normal life, although going through several painful procedures and tribulations. She enjoys West Virginia college football, fashion and Justin Bieber.


Today Makayla faces another problem, as she’s been diagnosed with pancreatitis, which is causing her liver to shut down. In fact, several of her organs are shutting down.

I am a firm believer in positive thought, whether you believe that to be prayer or energy…whatever it is. The reason for our post today isn’t to ask for money, or donations or anything. Things aren’t looking too good for Makayla right now, so what we are asking is that you like her Facebook page and post a positive message.

We are also hoping to get to Justin Bieber, and have him simply call her. It’s not about a last wish, or a dream come true,  it’s about giving her strength through positive thought and wishes.  So please share this article, tweet about it and urge the positive thoughts. If you tweet about it, tweet it directly to Justin Bieber and use the hashtag #callmakayla.

You can tweet to Justin Biber @justinbieber and his manager @scooterbraun

Thanks for your thoughts