Silver Dollar City unveils train for Outlaw Run at IAAPA Expo


IAAPA is the largest theme park convention in the world. With more than 1,100 exhibitors and an estimated 25,000 amusement industry professionals in attendance, many parks wait to make announcements and unveilings until IAAPA. It’s safe to say the most eyes are on the amusement park industry when it rolls into the Orange County Convention Center. This year has been no excepion. Silver Dollar City unveiled the trains for Outlaw Run, scheduled to open Spring 2013.

Earlier this year, Silver Dollar City announced Outlaw Run, dubbing it as the “World’s most daring wood coaster”. But why is it the most daring? Outlaw Run will be the second fastest wooden coaster in the world, it will have the steepest drop at 81 degrees, and it will take riders upside down.. not once, but three times!


But that’s not all! Silver Dollar City also mentioned they plan to open Outlaw Run in March of 2013.

Above is a front-view of the train. The trains will feature lap bars for each seat on the train. Unlike many traditional wooden coasters, the design of the train will keep the smaller rider still feeling secure, even if they are riding with a larger rider. Of course, because Outlaw Run takes riders upside down three times, this was probably a necessary design for the train.

 For more information about Silver Dollar City, visit the official website.