Haunt for the Holidays-Haunted attractions get into the Holiday Spirit by scaring the Dickens out of guests


Halloween is long gone, and Jolly Old St. Nick will be sliding down chimney’s real soon. The smell of pumpkins is giving way to the smell of Christmas trees and the sound of screams and chainsaws are being replaced with the sounds of carolers and jingle bells. There are, however, a few haunted attractions that haven’t let go of Halloween just yet. In fact, they’re embracing Christmas as yet another reason to scream, and though there be holly jolly sounds everywhere, they’re setting the fat man out to slay.What do you want for Christmas? How about a Haunted House Christmas?


It seems like the lines between Halloween and Christmas are blurring quite a bit these days. If you’re a haunt fan, it means you get just a few more shrieks until next October. Haunted attractions are finding huge audiences by stretching Halloween into the holidays. What better way to relieve a little stress than have it scared out of you? Here are a few of the haunted attractions we found that are open for the holidays.


Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday-Okay, so it’s not exactly scary, but it does give you Christmas mixed with Halloween. That’s good enough in our book. Every year Disneyland takes their Haunted Mansion and overlays it with characters and a story from A Nightmare Before Christmas. What happens is a spooky time for the whole family that is cute, and not really scary…but it gives us some Halloween Goodness. Official Website

Nightmares Haunted Attraction (Passaic NJ) “Christmas nightmares” gives you the warning that you’ve made it through Halloween…now make it through Christmas! Dec 1,8,15 Official website

Moxley Manor (Dallas TX)  “Nightscare before Christmas” at Moxley Manor gives you the same scares, only with a Christmas twist as pissed off elves have taken over. Official Website

Sinister Pointe (Brea, CA) Dec 7,8,9,14,15,16 Official Website

Frightmare Manor (Knoxville TN) “Frightmare before christmas” event Dec 7/8 Official Website

The Screamont Experiment  (Las Vegas, NV) Inside a club on Freemont St lies one of the scariest haunted attractions Opens dec 1st Official Website

Evil Dead the musical (Las Vegas NV) The cabin in the woods has never been so much fun! It’s a musical based on the hit film series. It’s hilarious, gross and it even have a splatter zone Official Website

Castle Of Chaos (3locations in UT) “Chaos Christmas” Dec 7,8,14,15 Official Website

Nightmare Haunted House (NYC) Nightmare before christmas: The Experiment Dec7-23 Official Website

Castle Blood (Monessen PA)  “Spooky little cryptmas”Gotta love the name! It’s the perfect place to cozy next to the fire  Dec 15,16 Official Website

Delusion (Los Angelos CA) Nov30 Dec 1,2,7,8,9 Official Website

The Mortuary (New Orleans LA) Official Website

Nightmare Mansion (Virginia Beach VA) *winter hours normal haunt open Saturdays only 6pm Official Website

Ghostly Manor (Sandusky OH)  “Winter Wonderland” Starts nov 23 Official Website

Headless Horseman Hayrides (Ulster Park NY)  Nov 23-Dec30 Official Website

Goretorium (Las Vegas, NV) The only year round haunt in Vegas, created by horror master Eli Roth! It’s gory, it’s gross…it’s Disneyland for haunt fans! Official Website

Tons of great haunts to get you through the holiday season! Be sure to check the haunts websites for pricing and hours.With any luck this will be enough to get you through the dreary dead of winter and on towards Haunt Season 2013!

Scary Christmas everyone!


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