A Look Inside Universal Studios Hollywood’s ‘Glamorous Beijing, World City’ Exhibit


This weekend Universal Studios Hollywood played host to a very special event, the ‘Glamorous Beijing World City’ Fair. This was meant to promote tourism from Los Angeles to Beijing, China and to showcase various works of art and native Chinese performances for guests of Universal to experience.

Luckily we had the honor of attending a very special ceremony joining the two cities as Sister Cities and in typical Chinese fashion is was quite a spectacle taking place right in front of the iconic Universal globe just outside of the park.

Picture 003

The ceremony began with a video displayed on the monitor showcasing the beauty and wonder of China to the special guests. Then afterwards the crowd was treated to a traditional dragon dance.

Picture 050

Picture 051

A Chinese tradition, the exchanging of envelopes symbolizing good luck for the event. Then out came two lion dancers for a high energy performance.

Picture 083

Picture 072

Picture 104

A representative from the Beijing tourism commission speaks about the opportunity of joining the cities.

Picture 110

And a representive from the L.A. tourism commission gave a few words. Then through the magic of Hollywood, an famous icon of the silver screen made a special appearance. The lovely Marlyn Monroe!

Picture 122

Yu Debin (Left) and Earnest Wooden (Right) both signed the agreement and exchanged gifts in traditional Chinese manner.

Picture 135

Afterwards we were led by Marlyn Monroe to the Globe Theater where they had the official ribbon cutting.

Picture 217

Picture 211

Picture 264

After the ribbon was cut press was invited inside for a few more speeches from LA County representatives.

Picture 276

Picture 289

Then everybody gathered around one more time around the magic globe and officially commended the relationship between the two large cities.

Picture 296

Now a look at the event itself!

Picture 348

Picture 377

Picture 378

Inside guests were given a unique opportunity to purchase authentic crafts and witness Chinese dances and Kung Fu presentations.

Picture 371

Picture 372\ Picture 373

Picture 374

Beautiful lanterns were hung above the event.

Picture 375

One of our favorite presentations involved a panda who got down and busted some Michael Jackson moves. It was a lot of fun.

Picture 306

Performers walked around and interacted with guests.

Picture 314

Picture 336

That does it for this event. We want to thank Universal Studios Hollywood for inviting us to the event, it was really a unique experiance and we hope everybody was able to check it out this past week. We hope Universal can pull off other types of cultural events like this one.

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