7 Days of Theme Park Romance-Swim with the sea at Discovery Cove


February is the month of love. Besides Valentine’s Day, February is about the perfect month for love, with the coldness of winter kicking in, it makes for the perfect time to snuggle up with that special someone and get lovey dovey. Theme parks, believe it or not, offer some of the most romantic sights, sounds and atmospheres that let your love bloom. For the next seven days we are going to give you little bits of theme park love from the fantastic shows and fireworks, to special experiences and even the most romantic rides. The best part of all is that all of these are in theme parks that are open now!


What: Discovery Cove
Where: SeaWorld Orlando
What’s so romantic?

The greatest thing about winter in Orlando is that its not really winter in Orlando. Temps in the low 70’s, no crowds and bright sunny skies make it the perfect time to enjoy the parks around Orlando. With limited crowds to begin with Discovery Cove makes for a virtually crowdless oasis.

Picture this-white sandy beaches, tropical trees overhead as you relax next to the water. In the distance you hear birds calling and the chirp of a dolphin talking to you from the lagoon ahead. Desert Island for two? Close.

Discovery Cove is the most relaxing theme park in the world with beaches and chairs to relax in, a huge reef to swim and snorkel on, a free flight aviary with hundreds of colorful birds, a freshwater oasis full of marmosets and otters. And of course there’s the Dolphins. You can relax in cheers submerged in water while having a tropical drink, take in a nice hearty lunch , or find your own little place to relax.

It makes the perfect romantic getaway . One of favorite things to do is of course sea venture. Foreign additional fees guess can walk along the bottom of the huge Grand reef aquarium with the help of special dive helmets. While swimming with dolphins is an amazing experience, sea venture is a more intimate experience that allow you to get closer to the fish the call the reef their home.
Check out exactly what you can expect with sea venture

For more information including reservations for the official Discovery Cove website.