7 Days of Theme Park Romance-Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular


February is the month of love. Besides Valentine’s Day, February is about the perfect month for love, with the coldness of winter kicking in, it makes for the perfect time to snuggle up with that special someone and get lovey dovey. Theme parks, believe it or not, offer some of the most romantic sights, sounds and atmospheres that let your love bloom. For the next seven days we are going to give you little bits of theme park love from the fantastic shows and fireworks, to special experiences and even the most romantic rides. The best part of all is that all of these are in theme parks that are open now!



Movies have had a direct line to our heartstrings for over a century. The amazing romances that have happened on screen have been the focus and basis for many romances offscreen for almost as long. But what do you get when you take all the love, inspiration and romance of the movies and combine it with the allure of the dark, the excitment of pyrotechnics and the peaceful demeanor of a waterfront? You get Universal’s Cinematic Spectacular, a nightly love letter to movies for lovers of film made by a film fan.

Most romantic dates include dinner and a movie. Universal takes it a step further by making it an experience. For an additional fee guests can experience dinner and a movie in a way that will make the rest of your date nights look like amatuer hour. Your date night starts with dinner at Universal Studios Florida’s Lombards Seafood Grille for dinner at the signature restaurant. You then get special reserved seats for Cinematic Spectacular.
While the show does lend itself more to cinephiles it definitely works as the perfect end to a romantic evening.

Check out the show and decide for yourself if it’s romantic


For more information about the Cinematic Spectacular Dining Experience, visit the official website!