Rumor Mill-Harry Potter and the slip of the tongue:Has a mayoral slip confirmed the Wizarding World Expansion opening?


It’s not uncommon for people to reveal secrets to the public by accident. Last year it happened with Alice Cooper and his mazes for Halloween Horror Nights during a podcast. It also happened when Steven Spielberg was talking about the Transformers Ride coming to Orlando. People say things they aren’t really supposed to say….it happens. So it goes with Orlando’s Mayor Buddy Dyer. Could he have narrowed down the opening date for Universal Orlando’s highly anticipated next phase of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

According to the Orlando Sentinel (click here for full story) Orlando’s Mayor was stressing the importance of Universal’s economic development to Orlando when he started going down the list of projects that Universal has been involved in, including Transformers opening this year, and ““opening next year of a new resort hotel and the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,”……Next year?

Now before you get all excited and cancel plans, Universal says that it’s simply a matter of misinterpretation. The mayor could have meant next year they are opening the new hotel, and then after that…in the future…a Harry Potter Expansion. Sure.. that’s what he meant. Read the whole story here, and decide for yourself what he meant.

We always take the stance of, until the park officially announces something, it ain’t happening. Universal Orlando has announced that they are expanding The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but haven’t said what or when. Of course “leaked” blueprints came out in the first half of 2012, and construction is going on at a breakneck speed.

The rumored expansion is rumored to include a Gringotts Bank Coaster, Diagon Alley, Kings Cross Station, Platform 9 3/4 and The Hogwarts Express that will connect the two parks via a monorail train. That’s the rumor. The rumor, originally stated by is that the area will open in 2014, with the Hollywood version opening in 2015. Look at those two timelines. Orlando is definitely the jumping off point for the Universal theme parks. If you have the Wizarding World opening in Florida in 2014, that gives them plenty of time to make a huge impact before Hollywood gets their taste of Butterbeer.

Construction crews have been blazing all day and night and have not only demolished JAWS and the entire Amity section of the park, but laid down new walkways, built a new bridge and erected a huge new building that clearly houses a coaster. Universal has not announced what it is for, or what guests will see when the area finally opens, or even when it opens. So, for the time being….it’s not Harry Potter….

Many would ask “Why the wait?” when rumors are so persistent. Timing is everything.

Many speculate that Universal is timing the announcement so that it does not make people wait to see the parks until after the area is complete. The park has also put in some high profile attractions in order to help keep crowd levels high. Last year not only did the resort add an amazing mini golf course, upgrade spiderman, and opened a Despicable Me attraction, they also premiered an award winning night time show, and an all new interactive parade aimed at families. This year the park will open Transformers, which opened to rave reviews in Hollywood  and the rumors are still flying in for more attractions at Islands of Adventure in the very near future. Point is, come now…come later, you’re going to see a park that is constantly changing, and if you wait you’ll miss something.

For more information about Universal Orlando, including the amazing Wizarding World of Harry Potter, visit the official website by clicking here!