HAuNTcon 2013: Finalized Seminars & Workshops



HAuNTcon has another awesome lineup of seminars and hands-on workshops this year. Their final lineup offers over 50 hours of haunter education included in the price of admission! If you have never attended a HAuNTcon seminar or workshop, you need to attend one! The seminars and workshops are taught by haunt industry professionals and address common topics to help attendees learn and innovate. From foam carving to animatronics, there is a seminar and workshop for every haunted attraction owner, manager, designer, operator, makeup artist, actor, entusiast, and home haunter! Check out the complete list below and register today!

HAuNTcon 2013 offers:

  • 36 Pro quality seminars included with admission.
  • 14 Hands-on workshops  (Material fees apply)
  • 3 All day in-depth seminars from industry experts on Monday


2013 HAuNTcon educational Seminars and Workshops


Hands on Workshops: (Materials Fee Required for Workshops) CLICK HERE to reserve your seat.

  • Casting 101: Rigid Expanding Foam by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard
  • Realistic Tombstone Workshop Part 1 by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard
  • Realistic Tombstone Workshop Part 2 by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard
  • Making a Custom Latex Mask Part 1: Creature Sculpting by Allen Hopps, Stilt Beast Studios
  • Making a Custom Latex Mask Part 2: Molding and Pouring by Allen Hopps, Stilt Beast Studios
  • Making a Custom Latex Mask Part 3: Finishing and Painting by Allen Hopps, Stilt Beast Studios
  • Bloody Leather Apron Workshop by Joe Titus, Zombie Manor
  • Building a Flicker Circuit Workshop by Rolland Pickens & James Freeman, Pickens Purgatory
  • Rusted – How to Produce a Rusted Finish on Everyday Objects by Shayne Torrans, Haunt Force
  • Build a Flying Crank Skeleton Workshop by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard
  • Make Up to Die For Workshop by Bobbie Weiner, Bloody Mary Make-up
  • Texas Clothing Massacre Workshop by Karen Murphy, Haunted Keepsakes
  • Human Pelt Workshop: Suitable for Hanging in your Haunted Home! by Ettie Thompson, The Maze of Terror
  • Create A Bust Statue Workshop by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard


Demos/Tech Seminars:

  • Ready-to-Use Waterbased Scenic Coatings for Professional Results by Henry Cowen, Rosco Laboratories Inc.
  • Tricking the Eye: Faux Painting & Texturing Techniques for the Haunted Attraction by Dale Flink, Castle of Chaos
  • Branding With Banding by Bonnie Lewis, Wristband Resources
  • The Art of Foam Carving by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard
  • Candid Camera: Using Security & Surveillance Systems in Your Attraction by Duane Mackey and Greg Jones, Zombie Manor
  • Monster Making 101: Horror Face Painting by Nick Wolfe, Evil Twin FX
  • “It’s Alive!” Making Your Creatures/Creations Move by Eric Kristiansen, Jackill
  • You Just Got Servo’d! by Kathryn DeSautell, Lafitte’s Landing
  • Using Fog And Special Effects To Safely Effect Your Bottom Line by Chris Markgraf, Froggy’s Fog
  • Zombie Makeup Demo: Blending in with the DEAD… by Brandi Dibler, Zombie Manor
  • Animatronics for Beginners by John Cluff, Haunt Works
  • Grim Grinning Ghosts: Projecting Life Onto Inanimate Objects by Chris & Jeff Davis, Davis Graveyard


Creative Seminars:

  • A Hearse of a Different Color: The History of the Funeral Car by Alex Lohmann, 13th Street Morgue, Dallas Trocars, When Hinges Creak
  • Lighting Your Darkest Fears (and Scares Too!) by Jake Farmer, The House of Boo
  • Haunt Costuming – The Devil’s In The Details by Bart Butler & Ryan Morgan, The Haunt House
  • Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night by Lesley Bannatyne
  • Bringing Out Your Inner Monster by Rieggie and Gigi Bannister
  • Designing an Actor-Friendly Haunt by Bart Butler, HobNob Productions / The Haunt House
  • Full Contact Haunted Attractions: The Good, the Bad and the Profitable! by Dean Jarnig, Zombie Manor
  • Monsters in Motion: Augmenting Actors To Move In Non-Human Ways by Allen Hopps, Stilt Beast Studios
  • Hell-elements: A New Kind of Fright Attraction by Stuart Beare, Tulleys Halloween Festivals: West Sussex, England
  • Go Back – How to Build a Back Story for Your Attraction by Pauline McClain, Highland Attractions
  • Halloween Business Events: The Social Side of Scaring by Chris Kullstroem,
  • The Reality of the Paranormal by Alan King, Dallas Area Paranormal Society


Business Seminars:

  • Developing a Dynamic Volunteer Team for Your Haunt by D’Ann Dagen, Hangman’s Haunted House
  • Promoting Your Haunt With Social Media by Katherine Rose Watson, Anchor Marketing & Design
  • Scaring Up More Customers: Making Your Website More Effective by Steven Colberg, Scary Tinker Labs
  • Reaching the Haunted Attraction Demo with Advertising by Jason Kassing, Kassing Andrews Advertising
  • Haunt Advertising – The Terrifying Truth by Dick Terhune, Voice From Hell
  • Hanging by a Rope – Haunts on a shoestring by Mike Stephens, Total Insanity Hauntpark / Hudson Fire dept.
  • State of Emergency – How To Be Prepared For Worse Case Scenarios by Alex Lohmann, When Hinges Creak, 13th Street Morgue, Dungeon of Doom
  • Building Your Haunt Army by John LaFlamboy, Zombie Army Productions
  • Beyond the Basics – Search Engine Marketing for Haunts  201 by Steven Colberg, Scary Tinker Labs
  • Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Industry – Pt 1 by Leonard Pickel, Hauntrepreneurs
  • Getting Started in the Haunted Attraction Industry – Pt 2 by Leonard Pickel, Hauntrepreneurs
  • Sponsors:  Where, Why & How You Get ‘Em! by D’Ann Dagen, Hangman’s Haunted House


Monday’s All-Day Pro Seminars:

  • Horror Face Painting: Makeup for Haunted Attractions by Nick Wolfe, Evil Twin FX
  • Building Elaborate Graveyard Monuments by Jeff and Chris Davis, Davis Graveyard
  • Haunted House Design: From the Inside Out by Leonard Pickel, Hauntrepreneurs

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