MonsterPalooza 2013 Highlights


This year at Monsterpalooza which was held at the Marriott in Burbank, CA. The annual convention has been slowly growing become a staple of visual/practical effects artist and hollywood to show off the latest and greatest in horror technology.

Guests started showing up as early as 6:30 AM in order to be the first to experience the show floor of horror goodness at Monsterpalooza.

Picture 137

And what would a horror convention be without monsters? This creature made lots of attendees and regular hotel guests nervous with some rather comfort-zone invading scare tactics. All in good fun though!

Picture 147

Inside the hotel sat rows of various special effects and make-up artists and companies showing off the latest in stage and film prosthetics.

Picture 223

Picture 224

Picture 227

Picture 228

Picture 210

This prop (below) had a huge crowd surrounding it, many in disbelief of how real it appeared. It was almost hard not to touch it. We’ve certainly come a long way in human replication effects/bodies.

Picture 211Picture 212
Inside the museum sat a huge array of famous movie props and costumes from tons of Hollywood’s latest and greatest productions. So sit back as we take you through a photo-journey through film.

Terminator 2.

Picture 170

Ray Bradbury Robot

Picture 172

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Picture 174

Picture 175

Programing a demonic Audio Animatronic figure live

Picture 176

Garner Holt Productions.

Picture 179

Picture 180

Close Encounters.

Picture 181


Picture 182

The Walking Dead.

Picture 183

The Exorcist.

Picture 185

King Kong.


Picture 194

Piranha 3DD

Picture 201

Saw.Picture 205

Dead Silence.

Picture 207

Fear and Loathing.

Picture 188

The Colleciton.

Picture 196


That basically does it for our photo tour of Monsterpalooza 2013. Stay tuned for tons of video from the show-floor and be sure to follow us on twitter @BehindThrills.