SeaWorld Entertainment makes a public debut on NYSE under “SEAS”



SeaWorld Entertainment has officially gone public in the New York Stock Exchange. This morning, Jim Atchison and other company leadership team members celebrated the company going public at the NYSE by ringing the opening bell for the trade floor. Beginning today, SeaWorld Entertainment will trade under the ticker symbol “SEAS”.

SeaWorld Entertainment also brought their park experiences with them to the NYSE today. Prior to the ringing of the opening bell, penguins, an otter, and a lemur walked across the trade floor.

As of current, the stock price is roughly $32.28 per share. You can view more information on SEAS by clicking here.

How does this affect the theme parks? More money being invested into the parks equals more people coming into the park. More people coming into the park means the park will turn a bigger profit. A bigger profit for the company means that the stock will become more valuable. Essentially, it’s a never ending cycle.