Theme Park Studio gets virtual with addition of new technology



Theme Park Studio, the yet to be released game by Pantera Entertainment is trying their hardest to become the coolest theme park video game you’ve ever seen. Today they announced that they are getting even closer to being the coolest ever by announcing that the game will be able to integrate Oculus Rift into the gaming experience. What exactly does this mean? You can create your rides, and ride them in the most realistic way without leaving your house.



While the technology to actually simulate everything you would experience from a roller coaster ride is still quite a ways off, the folks at Pantera Studios has a lot of experience in virtual reality software. Hospitals and doctors around the world use their Oculus technology to create Neuro-Vision Rehabilitator software, a product used to treat veterans with impaired vision and balance problems due to traumatic head injuries, a product featured on WCBS news. They also used the technology to develop the ‘Computer Orthoptics VTS4’. This software uses 3D stereoscopic functionality extensively, and is currently being used by doctors to treat patients with visual impairments.Players of Theme Park Studio will be able to control eye separation and convergence point, allowing them to fine tune their 3D experience and slip into a world of their own creation, and feel like they are actually there.



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