Go on #FreezeWatchSWO as SeaWorld Orlando gets Antarctica ready for the grand opening May 24th


In just two weeks on May 24th, Antarctica:Empire of the Penguins, at SeaWorld Orlando will unveil the majesty and beauty of the bottom of the world to the rest of the world. While the grand opening is still two weeks away, those hopeful to get an early look at the new attraction can follow along and see not only the chance to see more of the attraction as preparations are being made, but also learn a little bit more about the very exciting new attraction that is the largest expansion in SeaWorld history. Be sure to put on your parkas and get your pack ready, because we’re going on a #FreezewatchSWO at SeaWorld Orlando.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc.

So what is #FreezeWatchSWO? Plainly put, we are watching to see when the construction walls come down, and when the cold Antarctica winds start blowing. With Antarctica gearing up to open,  it’s possible construction walls will come down and the ride may go into technical rehearsals sometime soon. Technical rehearsals are considered the “soft opening” phase of an attraction, where the attraction may open for a limited time to park guests to experience the attraction. During the time the attraction is open, downtime can be expected and effects may not be 100% operational. The whole goal of technical rehearsals are to work the final bugs out and prepare operators for everyday operation before the grand opening.

#FreezeWatchSWO is a little bit more than a chance to ride early, we will be bringing you as much information about the ride as we can so that you’ll know how to be prepared when the cold wind hits and the penguins start marching forward.

To let you know any information we get about Antarctica, we’ve created the #FreezeWatchSWO hashtag. Just follow that on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information, news and information about SeaWorld’s all new attraction, Antarctica:Empire of the Penguins.

Here are some of the things to watch for when you see #FreezewatchSWO:

  • Height requirement: This will be a family ride, and while many ages will be able to ride, not everyone will. As of right now we don’t have a minimum height requirement, but we are assured that the realm will be something for the entire family enjoy.
  • Human/Penguin sides: On one side of the realm you’ll have the penguin side, where the attraction and the natural world will be represented. On the other side of the realm you’ll have the human side which will represent the efforts that humans are doing to learn more about Antarctica and the animals within the realm. Researchers from all over the world have set up camp in the real life Antarctica, and at SeaWorld they’ve done the same thing
  • State of the art features: Indoor water falls, amazing designs and a trackless ride system that allows you to choose your own ride are some of the features that make this attraction state of the art.
  • Penguins: Guests are going to be able to get closer than ever before to the penguins. Where before they could only see them behind the glass, here the glass has been pushed away in a lot of spots to make our two worlds seamless. SeaWorld also gets you in the water with the penguins in some amazing new ways.
  • Educational value: Besides the animal attraction, there will be the research side of things. Guests will learn about all the different types of penguins in the world, as well as the ways in which the animals behave. Guests will also be able to learn what they can do to help save the penguins.
  • Food: While there may not be much in the way of natural food, besides fish, in Antarctica, SeaWorld will bring an international smorgasbord of flavors to the realm with different countries represented by different dishes and recipes. The international recipes come from the dozens of researchers all over the world that will make the human side of Antarctica home.
  • Merchandise: While you’re going to want to take a penguin home with you, it’s really not a good idea. So, SeaWorld is rolling out with a whole new line of penguin merchandise from, t-shirts and stuffed animals to slippers and even home decorations.

Antarctica is going to be a huge new attraction, and one of the must see new attractions of the year. Be sure to follow us on Twitter(click here) for all the latest news and information! Also be sure to join the #FreezeWatch on Facebook and Twitter!

For more information about the all new Antarctica at SeaWorld Orlando, visit the official SeaWorld website by clicking here!