PyroFest 2013 Rocked Pittsburgh!





Once again, Pyrotecnico and the Ricasa team wowed the crowd with PyroFest; the biggest fireworks event… EVER! Dubbed as America’s Largest Fireworks Festival, it definitely keeps true to it’s name! Techniques and products from around the globe came together effortlessly in an array of pyrotechnic displays that included both daytime and nighttime fireworks that dazzled everyone with thrilling sensory and visual experiences they will never forget!



The day-long event is produced annually by New Castle-based company, Pyrotecnico. New Castle, PA (just outside of Pittsburgh) is known as the official “Fireworks Capital of America”. Founded in 1889 by the Vitale family, Pyrotecnico is one of the fastest growing and most innovative fireworks display companies in the U.S. They produce over 2,000 shows per year of which 600 are Independence Day celebrations. The company has worked with over 10,000 different organizations in the past 10 years including the fireworks and special effects for the Super Bowl, the Democratic National Convention, and the 2012 PyroFest. Pyrotecnico was awarded with the 2008 Gold Jupiter Award representing the United States at the L’International des Feux Loto-Québec. If you would like more info on Pyrotecnico, check out their website at

PyroFest is an annual event that takes place at Hartwood Acres in Pittsburgh, PA. The affordable community event was created to promote and celebrate the international art of Pyrotechnics through innovative and unique presentations. In 2012, Pyrotecnico produced PyroFest and hosted it’s first annual show hoping it would take off, and boy did it ever! The 2012 event was such a large success that 2013 was expected to be bigger and better!

Pyrofest 2012 highlights


The producers of PyroFest took the event to the next level for 2013. Not only was the event revamped with incredible fireworks displays and performances, but the area’s layout was rearranged, and the setup was very professional. The new entrance gate featured large logos, effex lighting, and giant flames! It was quite an immaculate entrance that made a statement saying “I’M HERE!”



The newly designed VIP area was re-located to the top of the festival for an excellent view. The VIP area was a roped off area that included a section of chairs for guests to sit and view the fireworks displays and the performances on the main stage.



Also in the VIP area was large tents providing shade and dining tables for VIP guests to sit, relax, dine, and socialize. Complementary to all VIP guests were a selection of beverages (water, soda, wine, various beers, and mixed drinks), as well as excellent hot catered appetizers (buffa-q wings, white bean dip, roasted veggies) and dinner (salad, buffalo or plain chicken strips, beef tips, penne vodka pasta, ziti pasta, fresh fruit salad, and dinner rolls) provided by Armstrong’s Catering.



The event featured six heart pounding pyrotechnic displays including an opening noise display, a demo from Phantom Fireworks, and a military smoke shell & salute tribute.



One of the new highlights for this year was the “Fantasy in the Sky Challenge“. Earlier this year on the PyroFest website, fans had a chance to create and submit their own eight to ten minute display. The winning entry was chosen after being judged by the quality of display, synchronization, use of the launch site, and originality of the display. After sifting through many great displays, Jon Loreto’s presentation was chosen to be launched at PyroFest 2013. The display’s Disney inspired theme used up-beat, Disney songs from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Families and children were singing along to some of their favorite Disney tunes! Overall, the music was fun and the presentation was absolutely spectacular!



Another impressive display was choreographed by the world-renowned, award winning Ricardo Caballer Ricasa. Bringing the amazing display direct from Valencia, Spain, the fireworks show debuted for the first time in the United States! The extraordinary, award winning display left the PyroFest crowd in amazement! The display’s arrangement had intervals of both calm and intense Spanish melodies that was breath-taking and very unique. This presentation was one of the most flowing, consistent, and well choreographed productions we have ever seen!



The final, most anticipated production of the night was the world premier of Pyrotecnico’sRock Loves II,” an innovative, power-packed “sequel” to the award winning pyro-musical “Rock Loves.” The twenty-two minute Rock Loves II display  featured high energy, choreographed fireworks that was completely synchronized to classic rock songs by artists; Foreigner, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Quiet Riot, Poison, The Beatles and many more. The display brought new, exciting choreography and ground effects combining pyrotechnic productions and timeless rock ‘n’ roll music that cuts across all generations.



In addition to this best-of-class pyro-packed lineup, PyroFest included live music, food, vendors, give-aways, and a kids zone of inflatables and interactive games. Pittsburgh’s own, The Clarks headlined a full rockin’ lineup of musical performances on the main stage.



The annual PyroFest event provides fun for the entire family featuring the world’s BEST firework displays on the planet! The 2013 production  was an unforgettable family Memorial Day experience that was enjoyed by everyone, both young and old.



Check back for updates on PyroFest 2014! You won’t want to miss this event!
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