Cedar Point’s Luminosity Is Revamped And Rocking For 2013!


luminosity logo

Luminosity opened this past weekend at Cedar Point for the 2013 season with rave reviews! Last summer, Cedar Point gave guests the perfect ending to a day at the park by creating Luminosity, one of the hottest shows in the amusement park industry. Luminosity has been revamped for 2013 with new songs and surprises, plus a new sponsor: North Coast Container.

Check out the new trailer that Cedar Point filmed during testing as well as the 2013 debut!

The show’s new sponsor, North Coast Container, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a second-generation, family-owned company which manufactures 55-gallon steel shipping containers. The company was originally established in 1983 and they ship more than 1.5 million containers every year to companies in the Midwest and beyond.

Luminosity, amplified by North Coast Container, features live performances of “top 40 hits”, fireworks, lasers, dancing, and singing from some of the nation’s most talented entertainers. Luminosity is a “can’t miss show” in 2013 with more than two dozen performers that sing, dance, and do their own stunts on an amazing stage in front of a high tech L.E.D. backdrop. The revamped show for 2013 brings all new songs, costumes, themes, and videos highlighted with fireworks and pyrotechnics! Unlike 2012, Luminosity is produced exclusively in-house for 2013.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a respected local company like North Coast Container,” stated John Hildebrandt, Vice President and General Manager of Cedar Point.  “Cedar Point and North Coast Container have enjoyed an excellent relationship for many years. We look forward to a great summer together as we bring back Luminosity for its second season.”

If you love to dance and want the full luminosity experience, you must stay for the after party! At the end of the show, the DJ starts playing club music and guests have an opportunity to dance with the show’s cast for some all out fun!  Guests can also text shout-outs that appear on the giant L.E.D. backdrop screens! In addition to the DJ playing at the Lumionsity stage, another DJ plays across the park on the coliseum’s ballroom balcony located along the main midway.

Luminosity is included free with admission to the park and runs for 25 minutes at 9:00pm every night except Tuesdays from May 31 – August 18, 2013.

For more information about Cedar Point, visit the official website by clicking here.