Falcons Fury “dropping” in to Busch Gardens Tampa in 2014


The desert is guarded by the mighty Falcons. They soar high above the sands looking for prey. When they spot it, they drop in unleashing a fury of talons and claws on anything below it. For 2014 Busch Gardens Tampa will unleash the power and fury of the falcon with their all new drop tower, Falcons Fury.


The new drop tower is a natural fit for Busch Gardens Tampa which already has a great selection of coasters and animal attractions. The new drop tower will take riders over 300 feet up, give them a great view of the park then the unthinkable happens. Riders are tilted 90 degrees into a facedown position and dropped at speeds of 60 mph back towards the earth.

Talk about pulling out all the stops! The new tower will be the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America. Other towers are huge, but usually anchored to other towers or coasters.
What do you think of the new addition? Are you brave enough to face the fury? Check back later today for more details, pictures and videos.

For more information on Falcons Fury at Busch Gardens Tampa, visit the official website by clicking here!