Offsite:E3-Xbox One game details, and release date emerge


E3 is the time when video game companies pull back the curtains, and unveil just what they have up their sleeves for the masses over the course of the next year. Microsoft recently unveiled it’s all new system, XbobOne to a lot of fanfare and boos from the gamers that helped it build an empire. Today at the E3 press conference, Xbox did it’s best to win the naysayers over and keep them plugged in. With an impressive line up, a pricepoint, and a release date, did Xbobx One become the must have new console? We’ll let you decide.



The presentation focused a lot on the whole game line, since that is the biggest reason that Xbox is pushing one, the next level in gaming. While not a lot of time was spent on the issues that everyone seems to have, here are the few things that were talked about:

  • Xbox Mini launched today at a price of $199 for the 4gb version. Other versions available with more memory 
  • 13 exclusive titles to launch within the next year, and even more shared titles
  • Will launch November 2013, with November 5th looking like the date…remember remember.
  • Will use cloud system to store games
  • No more Microsoft points with One, will use local currencies instead
  • Pricepoint will be $499


The Xbox One went on preorder today, and on the official site there is a list of rules, requirements and FAQ’s. Some of the most prevalent questions are answered, such as will it be backwards compatible. The short answer..No. There will be a huge focus on the live aspect of the system, with a constant internet connection required. As for the ability to play used games, that wasn’t addressed in the news conference, but Microsoft has gone on record as saying that it will be up to the developers if the game will be available used or not. A nail in the coffin for any developer that decides to pull that trigger.


The real reason was the lack of games and gameplay at the original announcement. Microsoft made up for that in spades with 13 games that will be exclusive to the Xbox One.

Metal Gear Solid V

The first Metal Gear Solid game that uses open gameplay and the first one designed for Xbox. Snake goes to Afghanistan! While the graphics look solid, the gameplay looked too much like games we’ve already seen…Assasins Creed and Black Ops namely


This is the one that gets you to buy. Basically it’s Halo 5, or so we gather. If they go back to the beginning just for a new system, we’re out. What’s with the chiefs robes?


Ryse:Son of Rome

This is the answer to God of War, mixing elements of those games with military RPG’s.

Killer Instinct

The graphics look sleeker, the characters more defined…but the moves are still blocky and clunky.

Forza 5:

Cars go fast.


If you like the original, you’ll go nuts for this one…but it looks like more of the same. My kids are excited

Quantum Break

We can only hope the gameplay is this stunning and the story continues to be every bit as amazing as we’ve seen here


Sunset Overdrive

Project Spark:


Battlefield 4

Witcher 3

Crimson Dragon

The biggest game coming to Kinect, from the makers of Panzer Dragoon

Dead Rising 3

This version takes you out of the malls and the arena, and puts you in an open world against millions of zombies and will feature crafting weapons, and driving cars, calling on airstrikes. It’s zombies meets Grand Theft Auto


Overall the game line up looks pretty solid. It’s not going to be the big names, however that draws in the crowd, it’s going to be the price that Sony comes up with, as well as the way that the big issues are handled. As of right now I’m still on the fence, though the strong titles are definitely a plus.

What about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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