Enterprise D-Bridge Restoration Project Promises BIG Things at SDCC 2013


One of the interviews at SDCC I was looking forward to most at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 was with the founder of the Enterprise-D Bridge Restoration Project founder Huston Huddleston. We met up with him early Sunday afternoon as the convention was beginning to slow down to discuss not only the current progress of the project but his future plans as well.


On display at the con they had not only Captain Picard’s chair but Counselor Troi and Lieutenant Riker seats as well that were available for guests to sit down and take pictures. Over the course of 4.5 days you can imagine the wear and tear these seats may have gone through but Huston assured me these seats were as sturdy and stable as they were when they were built. “These chairs were built to last”, he said to me as I prepped my interview with him. Also on display were a number of the touch screen devices which are currently being developed by a team of graphic artists and programmers.

During our interview we discussed the current plans, the future plans, and lots of other fun things that could come to this huge restoration project. Be sure to check out the full video below.

We really hope to be able to track the continuing progress of this amazing project and cannot wait to see it in person when the time comes. For the latest on the Enterprise-D Bridge Restoration Project be sure to visit their website at and follow us on twitter @BehindThrills