BTT Weekly Episode 4-Rockin Mac&Cheese Burger, Springfield and WE’RE BEING INVADED!


It’s Wednesday, so that means we are back at ya with an all new episode of BTT Weekly! This week we take you to Universal Orlando and the world’s largest Hard Rock Cafe where we get the VIP treatment, and eat like rock stars! We also hang in the attic and tell you about something that’s Local Legendary. If that’s not enough we run around Springfield!


Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Orlando is the world’s largest, and being that, it has one of the largest collections of rock memorabilia in the world. What you don’t get to see, mostly, is the area where the rock stars hang….but you can. We take you behind the scenes and tell you how you can live like rock stars. We also devour the Local Legendary burger, which is a fried Mac n Cheeseburger. We also take you on a tour of Springfield at Universal Orlando and get to enslave friends with Kang & Kodos!

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