HHN Reveal Week – Havoc: Derailed brings the “Dogs of War” back to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando


Government experiments go wrong all the time. Just look at lovebugs, velcro, and Justin Bieber. What happens when you create something specifically for a job, and it’s done so well, that when the job is over..there’s no off switch? That was the basis for Havoc:Dogs of War from Halloween Horror Nights 20. Super soldiers created to do a job, that went crazy and turned on their creators. It was a fan favorite house, and one that worked so well with the surroundings. What happens when you get the Dogs of War under control? You get rid of them, by putting them on a long train ride away.


The government is trying to contain these maniacs, these “dogs of war” whom they created. Something naturally goes wrong, and the train derails, setting these maniacs loose. What will stop them now? What will stop them from getting to you?


Havoc:Derailed is an original house idea, and is a sequel to “Dogs of War” in 2010. The story picks up after the train derails, and is naturally threatening surrounding areas.

What hell will war unleash now?

Here’s some info from the official HHN Orlando Twitter, and Mike Aiello:

These are the things that are known: An experimental super soldier program known as the Dogs of War went horribly wrong. Shadow Creek, the base that housed the program, was lost..the DOW’s had taken it, but with great causality were eventually neutralized. Six weeks have passed since the incident the surviving DOWs are being transported aboard a military convoy train.

Havoc:Derailed will join Afterlife:Vengeance, Urban Legends:La Llorona, Evil Dead, Walking Dead and Cabin in the Woods as houses this year. Stay tuned as HHN Reveal Week continues.

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