HHN Reveal Week-La Llorona makes the long trek from Hollywood to steal children at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando


The tale is the ultimate in tragic irony. A beautiful woman named Maria, from Mexico falls for a wealthy and handsome man. He doesn’t want to marry her because she has children. So to be with him, she drowned her children to be with him. Because of what she’s done, he won’t have her, so she drowned herself. When she arrived at the gates of heaven, she was asked where her children are, and until she has an answer, she can’t enter the afterlife. So every year she is forced to roam the earth in search of her children, weeping. Some say she will steal children that she finds unattended, others say that she will kill women who follow in her footsteps. They call her La Llorona, and she’s coming to find her children, all the way from Hollywood. She’s the first reveal in HHN Reveal Week, and there’s no escaping the evil that’s taken root.



La Llorona started life as a maze in 2011 at Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, based on the local legend of the weeping woman. The house was so popular with the locals that Hollywood brought it back for another year with “The Child Hunter”. This year it’s Orlando’s turn to face the weeping woman in white. Hide your kids, tell them not to misbehave, or La Llorona will get them.

Urban Legends:La Llorona will take the familiar tale of La Llorona used at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and build it for Florida audiences not familiar with the legend that is very popular in Mexican culture in California.
According to the Official Orlando Horror Nights Twitterthis will be a unique take on the character that Hollywood helped to bring out of folklore and into the real world.

This will not be a carbon copy but an expansion on the legend itself. You will enter La Llorona’s realm. This maze literally lives in two worlds. Our reality and La Llorona’s murky hell. We chose not to subtitle the maze but instead give it the header of “Urban Legends” hoping in coming years to use it more. This maze will involve water effects, video projection and aesthetically it’s just gorgeous to look at.

La Llorona will join The Walking Dead, Evil Dead, and Cabin in the Woods at Halloween Horror Nights 23.
This is the first house of “Reveal Week”. Every night this week Halloween Horror Nights will reveal something new at midnight.
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