Howl O Scream San Antonio promises that “The Scare is Everywhere” with new Facebook Page


SeaWorld San Antonio is getting ready to kick the goblins into high gear when they let the scare out of the bag starting September 27th. On select nights, starting at 7p.m. “The Scare is Everywhere” when the ghouls and ghosts are let out to play at Howl O Scream San Antonio. This year marks a few changes, including the absence of the main pumpkin running the show. However, the park promises even more, bigger and scarier things happening that they couldn’t contain it to just one area, and they couldn’t contain it to one Facebook page!


Traditionally Jack O Lantern has run the show at Howl O Scream San Antonio, but this year he is taking a back seat to let the horror reign supreme. The event has grown so much that Howl O Scream now has it’s own official Facebook page (click here). The official page  will feature information about houses, shows and new features coming to the event this year. Already the page has revealed that there will be four haunted houses, and an all new Vampire Bar where guests can grab a drink called the Blood Bath.

We have also been told that Howl O Scream at SeaWorld San Antonio is evolving. Every year will feature a new theme, and every year they will kick it up another notch. It appears that the park is trying to bring their version of the brand on par with the Howl O Scream name in Tampa and Williamsburg.

The official page is where the park seems to be updating information for the event most, as well as giving audition information.
Howl o Scrwam has given details on their fourth house at the event

Prey- As you venture deep into the woods your mind starts racing and adrenaline starts to pump. In the distance you see lights and hear the faint sound of eerie whistling – or is your mind playing tricks on you? Your senses are on alert and you’re afraid to take a step when you realize the hunter has become the hunted.

The event runs Friday and Saturday night from September 27th until October 26th, and will be open a special night for October 13th.

For more information about Howl O Scream San Antonio, visit the official Facebook page by clicking here!