Legends Dark Amusements gearing up for a “Haunting in Old Town” this Halloween


Just like many construction projects, there have been snags. Of course, snags are what have chased Archibald Ashdown all the way to Florida. To be honest, he’s used to them. Still, Mr. Ashdown, Undertaker at Ashdown& Sons is very displeased with the current construction delays that have postponed the opening of his latest…endeavor. Legends Dark Amusements is working hard to put the finishing touches on “A Haunting at Old Town”. While construction has delayed the attraction, they are still…dying…to meet you.


As is the case with any huge project that you want to open on a certain date…things always fall behind. That’s the case with the all new A Haunting at Old Town, in Kissimmee Florida. The haunted attraction had hoped to be open before the end of summer, but construction delays have not made that possible. Still there’s hope, as they shared a message on their official Facebook page (click here and like!):

The Legends design team is currently working overtime on scenic painting and installation of show elements. Please keep an eye on our FaceBook page for soft opening announcements throughout September, with a grand opening celebration being planned in conjunction with An Old Town Halloween’s Festival of Frights this October.

Old Town has been consistently amping up their Halloween celebration over the past few years, with each year getting bigger and better. This year looks to be the biggest yet with the opening of an all new Haunted Attraction. We got the chance to catch up with the gang at Halloween Extreme this past May and talk about the all new attraction.

Check out our interview with General Manager Dan Carro below:

If that doesn’t get you excited, maybe you should meet Archibald Ashdown himself:

The guy is intimidating, and quite frankly keeping him waiting is going to make everything….worse, for those who dare to visit A Haunting in Old Town when it finally opens. The hopes are to have soft openings in September, with the grand opening in October. While it still seems a ways off…it hasn’t kept Mr. Ashdown from getting things started:

Be sure to stay tuned to the official Legends Facebook page for more information.

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