A look inside Ultimate Blood by Dawn & Kaleigh Maxwell


Dawn and Kaleigh Maxwell are the authors of a book called Ultimate Blood, which is based around supernatural creatures. We sat down with Dawn and Kaleigh to do an interview on their book to get the inside scoop on the authors and the book. Ultimate Blood is the first in the series with another book coming out later this fall. There will be a third book that will come along later, but if the response from the book is good, the series may continue on.


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Dawn Maxwell is a mother of four children, including Kaleigh. Dawn loves to write and Kaleigh inspired her to write. Dawn and Kaleigh came up with Ultimate Blood together by planning the story line together, but that’s not where the family involvement ends. Dawn and Kaleigh involved other members of the family in making sure they had a solid story. Kaleigh is very artistic and wanted to make the entire book “3D” so that readers would be immersed into the story from the beginning.

The book is geared towards young readers and adults. Although it’s geared towards young readers, adults have read this book too. According to Dawn and Kaleigh, their oldest reader is in her 90’s. Celebrities like:

  •  Norman Reedus
  • Theodus Crane
  • Nick Gomez
  • Tyler Chase
  • Robert Patrick
  • Naomi Grossman
  • Steven Tash
  • Ted Nicolaou (Director)
  • Tim Dezarn
  • Ted White

During our interview, Dawn and Kaleigh told us that some school systems in their area are considering using the book as a reading book for their students. The students of these schools have have their students read books like The Hunger Games before in the past. Dawn & Kaleigh also talked about the influence behind Ultimate Blood. Although they have never seen the TrueBlood series, they plan to eventually watch the series. Kaleigh has seen the Twilight series but wanted to steer clear of Twilight-vampire traits (specifically the fact that they sparkle in the sunlight).

Ultimate Blood synopsis:

All sixteen-year-old Alec Somers wants to do is catch waves with his friends. Unfortunately for him, his father’s job is taking the family from California to Louisiana—a swampland rumored to be rampant with wiccans, vampires, and swamp creatures called wookies. As he bids farewell to his friends, Alec cannot help but wonder if the legends are really true. Already haunted nightly by vivid nightmares that seem to foretell of danger, Alec is about to find out.

Strange things begin happening as soon as Alec arrives in the airport and is greeted by a creepy old man who warns him to beware of the wookies. Despite the foreboding feelings that overwhelm him, Alec starts school with a positive attitude. But after he meets Buba, a quiet teenager who others call a wiccan, Alex’s nightmares become more intense as he unintentionally begins to uncover the dark secrets of the swamplands. As he slowly develops an insatiable thirst for blood, Alec soon realizes it is too late to turn back.

In this tale full of suspenseful twists and turns, a teenage boy caught in the middle of an ancient battle between vampires and wookies must somehow summon the courage to stop an evil plan before vampires are wiped out from existence forever.

Ultimate Blood is currently available for purchase on, in Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million. You can click the widget below to purchase your copy today on Amazon.

For more information about Ultimate Blood, visit the official website by clicking here.

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