Scarehouse takes you into The Basement where your darkest fears touch you in new ways


The Scarehouse in Pittsburgh is one the nation’s top haunted attractions. It takes guests to the darkest corners of their fears, and brings them back unharmed. Following a strict no touching rule, ScareHouse pushed the limit of PG-13. Until this year.


This year The Scarehouse will offer guests to throw off the shackles of ratings, and step into The Basement, where it’s quite possible they could be shackled.

“In our main attraction, guests have the security of knowing that the actors won’t touch or restrain them” said Scott Simmons co-owner and creative director of Scarehouse “The Basement does not offer those luxuries.”

While being very tight lipped about what guests will experience in The Basement, what has leaked out is that guests will be touched, taunted, and possibly restrained.
“Our other experiences have a PG-13 rating, but The Basement has a very hard R.”
The Basement will be an additional fee, and is following the trend of signature Haunted Attractions offering an even more extreme, more in your face experience than the normal Halloween haunt.

The Scarehouse also offers three other themed areas within one attraction featuring Creepo’s Christmas in 3D, The Forsaken and Pittsburgh Zombies.

For more information about The Basement at Scarehouse, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!