What Evil Has Taken Root: Legendary Truth investigations and more


What evil has taken root? That’s the question that Legendary Truth is asking this year at Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando. The group dedicated to uncovering the truth behind the supernatural occurrences at Universal Orlando has started presenting evidence from their investigation, and as things look…it’s going to be Evil.


If you’re new to the way Universal Orlando does Halloween, they take guests into very deep and immersive stories that begin way before the event does. The story starts with the official website with teasing about the houses that will be at the event each year(click here) and draws guests in all the way until opening night. Once the event opens and you experience the story that each house tells, you are drawn even further into the story by participating online and in the park in a continuing story line. Last year the park’s A&D team did Horror Unearthed and took guests on a ride into the evil that construction within the park unlocked.
This year the team will bring back Legendary Truth, the organization that surfaced in 2008 with the discovery of Bloody Mary. In 2010 members were disbanded, and some even killed. The power was overthrown and many thought Legendary Truth would slide into legend.

Earlier this year the group re-teamed and the A&D Team held an unprecedented panel that gave fans what they wanted-Legendary Truth would return.

The first house of the season was revealed as Cabin In the Woods, based on the popular film of 2012.

Shortly after, Legendary Truth started their story with this video:

The official website was also updated with a unique tag, they would be offering Legendary Truth to everyone who purchased a Frequent Fear Pass.

But let’s look at the video. We get a mysterious cloaked figure with a distorted voice. The figure goes to the woods and finds a backpack while being stalked by something near a cabin. Is this a clue to Cabin in The Woods or is this a clue to the next house? Could this possibly be a clue to a creature who we might see as the icon? Then there’s the matter of a cell phone. Who does it belong to?

*Update 6-27-13

The official HHN website now has a running “blog” with our PS character writing and giving clues. It’s on the official page, right under the “Extras” tab (click here). There’s something more to our PS than meets the eye, and I have a feeling we’re going to learn more than we bargained for.

*UPDATE 6-30-13

The mysterious blogger on the “Evil Takes Root” blog (located in the Extras section of the official HHN website) has made another short post, which you can find by clicking here.

Why was I chosen to look into this? Because someone knows that I’ll look into anything out of the ordinary. Anything that hints at an unsolved mystery. And this mystery seemed simple enough at first – what happened to them?

There are reports that they ran away. Others say abducted.
Hoping the contents of the backpack yield answers…but so far just more questions. Waiting to see reaction to the videos and this blog.

Check back for more… PS

We’re getting a glimpse at who PS is. The person (we’re assuming it’s a she by the voice, the frame, and the mannerisms in the video) loves a mystery. The first thought for anyone who followed Legendary Truth back in 2008 will be Boris Shuster. Boris Shuster is the name of a Private Investigator that is on the window in the New York section of Universal Studios Florida. The PI was the one investigating Mary Agana and her patients’s disappearances. PS could be a relative of Shuster, and with the fact that PS likes unsolved mysteries, could we be seeing PS seek out her (or his) father? Maybe..maybe not.

The next clue is are the reports. Reports of people being abducted, people running away. A secluded cabin in the woods. Is this possibly a clue to the next house? If that’s the case, then what will the next house be? People being abducted or running away. While that tends to leave a dead end, the house itself may be a clue


That is a screenshot from Resident Evil 4 on Nintendo Wii. My kids are fans. Japan had Resident Evil last year as a huge event, while Universal Studios in Hollywood and Orlando both had Silent Hill. Could we be seeing the cabin from Resident Evil? That particular game and scene fits the woods motif that we are seeing so far.

Then again, there’s the huge clues of the sounds and the smell of death and decay. Some kind of creature is out there. The video also said that this may look familiar to some people. Many are instantly going to Evil Dead and even Blair Witch Project…probably not. The road doesn’t look like anything out of those films. Still, the key is probably in the haunting creature. For reason I’m reminded of the film TrollHunter. The video is going to be key on figuring this out, paying attention to every little frame.

And why woods? Well, the woods are one of the original scary places. The dark woods have been a place of legend and lore for centuries, and even in literature and film. In a place where very little sun penetrates, it’s hard to get your bearings, and it’s easy to become lost. In old tales witches would haunt the woods, and people would keep their children from wandering too deep with the tales of  monsters that roamed. Even Harry Potter had the Forbidden Forest, which was a place where untamed creatures and evil would roam. It would be a logical assumption that this year the woods are the setting for our darkest nightmares.

*Update 7-1-13

Another new entry in the Evil Takes Root blog (click here) gives nothing away, but offers a little bit of insight into PS.

Computer suddenly running VERRRRY slow. Also noticed the stuff on my desk not exactly where it was when I left this morning. At least I think it isn’t. Maybe just imagining things. Turning off cell phone except to make calls. It tells whoever is watching where I am whenever it is on.

Shot another video and will post as soon as I can. Disgusting find this time. You’ll see what I mean…

Check back… PS

We’re getting a picture of someone who’s very paranoid, someone who is has perhaps been through a lot before with Legendary Truth, or some similar situation.

Perhaps,we are looking at the persona known as “Goth Wackee” on Facebook (click here). Goth originally appeared on Facebook in 2010 as a member of the Universal Arts and Design Team. The story goes…Goth started getting friendly with the folks from Legendary Truth, and because of it was fired. After she was “fired” she became more affluent with Legendary Truth until the members started to disappear, and the group was essentially overthrown shortly before the start of Halloween Horror Nights XX. Earlier this year Goth reappeared and has become increasingly paranoid. She has been slowly posting information on Facebook, and giving little tidbits (and I mean little) of information. She’s appeared in actual pictures revealing a very attractive young lady (that’ll get the fans salivating) who looks like she could be anyone’s neighbor or daughter. The paranoia, the secretive nature that our figure known as PS in the video shows seems to be very similar. Could PS be Goth Wackee? If you are interested in knowing more, send her a Facebook request…but good luck…she accepts very few. Personally I’ve been waiting over a month.

 *Update 7-4-13

Another updated has been posted to the Evil Takes Root blog (click here). PS is watching us.

I’m reading your comments, observations and opinions. The positive ones help. Okay so someone was looking for a cabin in the woods. They found one, recorded the discovery on the cell phone and then left it behind?!

The photo at the top of this article has been racking HHN fan’s brains for the last few days, but it seems that someone may have found the solution to it.

Thanks to Corey from the Horror Unearthed Facebook Group for this interesting find.

One other thing that was pointed out today is the link structure being used on the Evil Takes Root blog. The link structure is a default WordPress.ORG permalink structure, but one of the questions that has been raised is whether or not the numbers mean anything. I think it’s safe to say that I don’t think the numbers mean anything, but if you’re using the default permalink settings for a WordPress.ORG blog, let us know in the comments below if your post numbers (in the URL) go in order.

*Update 7-8-13

There have been two blog post updates on the Evil Takes Root blog in the past few days-

July 5th

Okay this is getting very creepy and a little unsettling. Every time I open the file to update this blog my home phone rings within 30 seconds or so…but when I answer there is no response. They don’t hang up… so I know they’re listening. It’s like someone is telling me they’re watching us while we’re looking for them.

I’ll let you know if anything else out of the ordinary happens.

There’s more…PS

July 8th

I’ve decided I will need to disconnect my home phone when I open this file on my computer. Obviously whoever is monitoring my moves online will know, but at least they cannot harass me in my house.

Some of you are asking why I don’t open up the blog for comments and this is precisely the reason – you do not want to draw their attention because they may start to focus on you too.

Back to the issue at hand, the bloody photographs look like pictures of hand-drawn sketches. Will explain in more detail in next post…PS

The blog post was updated with a video as well:

The interesting thing about this video is that not only was it on the blog, but for the first time it’s on the official Halloween Horror Nights website (click here).

We are getting more of a look at the paranoia that PS is being gripped by. We also see some blood stained photos. What are in the photos, and what is it that we are missing in the first video? There’s also ten seconds of dead air on this video…could something be hidden in the dead of the video? We’re going to try and work some video magic to see what’s there.

 Update 7/12/13

There’s been a new post to the Evil Takes Root blog (click here).

There were three in the envelope.  One looks like a drawing of what appears at first glance to be a star on a badge or disc with markings I do not understand.

Another has track-like markings.  And the third is a sketch that is unmistakable.  All of which you can judge for yourselves because I am going to get them each scanned and will post them soon…PS

These photos were in the previous video posted, but it was too hard to make them out because the video was blurry. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what that photos actually look like.

Edit 7-13-13

There’s been another update to the Evil Takes Root blog (click here). Bad news for anyone who wanted to see those photos found.

Someone was in my house while I was out.  Back door open when I got home. Envelope and bloodied pics have gone missing.  So has my cat!!!

Looks like the pictures are now missing as well as PS’s cat. Let’s hope she got scans of them before they were taken. As for the cats, (spoiler alert) in the Evil Dead remake there are dead cats found in the cabin. The cats are killed as part of the book of the dead rituals. It’s also worthy of noting that Evil Dead hits DVD on Tuesday July 16th. Huge clue here.

There has also been an update to the Legendary Truth Facebook page this evening. It seems that things are really about to kick into high gear with the Legendary Truth.


Registration is begin shortly? Hm. They might be starting games, similar to Horror Unearthed last year, which could be a big part of the picture with Legendary Truth. Good news for fans though, according to rumors, Limited registration for the games could begin next week. Stay tuned for more information.

Update 7-15-13

There’s been a new update to the Evil Takes Root blog (click here). Luckily for PS, his cat isn’t dead in a basement somewhere.

Okay so I may have posted too quickly.  As you know some of the events following my discovery of the backpack left me a little unnerved.  I found out this morning that my neighbor left the back door open to let my cat in after spotting her in the yard.

Furball came bounding in just after I posted about her missing and the first thing she did was jump up onto the table and begin pawing at the little box tied with leather.  Knocked it off the table onto the floor…which is where I found the bloodied photos.  So this also explains why things seem to be moved when I’m out.   PS

I’d also like to point out that the permalink structure to the blog has been updated. Posts now no longer look like “”. Instead they now are descriptive links which contain the title of the post.

Update 7-16-13

We’re finally get a first look at some of the things found in the backpack. PS shares a scan of the three bloody photos and this message from the Evil Takes Root Blog (click here):

Here are all three photographs in one scan.  They speak for themselves.  Will post each individually so you can get a closer look….PS  (By the way, only a complete bonehead would be dumb enough put their cat’s real name on a blog where everyone is trying to figure out who they are.)


Update 7-22-13

There’s been a lot of updates to the Evil Takes Root Blog over the last few days. Some of these are quite disturbing, so if you are easily grossed out.. this set of updates might not be for you.

July 17

We’ve seen all three of the photos, but now it’s time for a closer look. First up: Stitched..

Upon closer examination, what looked like tracks now appear like stitching.  Not sure what the other lines were meant to signify.  Two more to follow…PS


Next up: “Badge of Horror

Realized that this is not really a badge with a star but a pentagram with symbols.  Haven’t had time to research them and am hoping you can assist…PS


Lastly: Neither Dead Nor Buried… Yet

Pretty clear what’s happening here.  So these are pages from a book of hand-drawn sketches.  As disturbing as all of this is, it pales in comparison to what I found in the box…PS


July 18

So, is PS being followed? Was he given information by someone who knew he would investigate? I think so. Check out this next update (click here).

Whoever put the note on my windshield knows where I’ll be and when.  Can’t get that out of my head…PS

July 20

This is probably the shortest blog post I’ve ever seen.. ever. But it’s very meaningful (click here).

No one!

July 21

PS is being watched.. And it’s probably by someone who wants him to put everything together (click here).

While I’ve turned my home phone off, the calls apparently continue when I log on and open this file.  Last night they left a whispered voice message (or question to be more accurate).


July 22

Now for the disturbing discovery (click here). If you’re easily grossed out, I suggest not watching the video.

The things found in the backpack go from bad to worse. First bloodied pictures and now a surprise in the box… tied up with loving care and displayed on a bed of cotton.  No wonder my cat was obsessed…PS

Let’s talk a bit about things. P.S. goes from being shy timid and feminine to almost a methodical pacing. Kind of animal like. Could we see a transformation happen before our eyes? Also a few things stand out…mostly the ear. It was called a “collectors item”. A body item being collected. Body collectors? A return to the house that was a fan favorite? Maybe…but Darryl Dixon went a little crazy and started collecting ears from Walkers. Perhaps a return to The Walking Dead after all?


Update 7-23-13

The past 24 hours have been very busy for our dear P.S. There have been 3 new blog postings:



Okay it is bad enough that someone cut it off of a corpse, but to pierce it and box it up?  There’s a reason here that I don’t really want to know…PS

7-23 (1)

The objects suggest some kind of twisted scavenger hunt.  But there’s a bigger connection that I am trying to stitch together (so to speak)…PS

7-23 (2)

Today’s mail had an unsigned letter and no return address.  A folded note with only this on it:  FIND OUT THEIR NAMES AND YOUR DEEPEST WISH COMES TRUE No one but me knows my deepest wish…PS


What are we looking at? I like the idea of a twisted scavenger hunt of sorts, but who would be looking for this kind of stuff. Who’s names are we looking for? And exactly what are PS deepest wishes?

Let’s take a look at each one separately. First update-Talking about the ear that was found. This has got to be a clear pointer to The Walking Dead. Darryl Dixon would cut off the ears of the walkers, and wear them around his neck on a necklace.

Second update, referring to the backpack that all these little trinkets are coming out of. Scavenger Hunt? Remember there’s clues every where…this whole thing is a scavenger hunt…but I can’t help but feel that the words Scavenger Hunt are a clue in and of itself.

Third update…Find out their names? Are we talking names of the Legions? Could we be talking about the names of the houses? Perhaps there are several beings that will make up the Icon? Each house representing a different spirit, all of whom make up the icon. If you look at the various things revealed, it makes sense…let’s take a look:


You have here the first two background images. One is from the Cabin in the Woods, the other is from the release of the Evil Dead. We have what looks like a face and then perhaps teeth. Cabin in the Woods being the face, because the puppeteers watch your every move. Evil Dead are the teeth, because they tear your soul apart. If this is the way they are going then perhaps each house will represent a different body part of an Icon? Maybe. Stay tuned for more.



I said in my very first post that “I found out where it was supposed to have happened.”  None of you seem to want to know more about that.   Why is that?

Apparently fans aren’t looking in the right places, and aren’t focusing on the questions that need to be answered. Where is this happening? That leads to further speculation that there are clues, namely GPS coordinates to be found somewhere in the videos, pictures and blog posts.


Just logged on and my personal screensaver has been changed by someone.  It had been this:


Now it is this:


I did not change it. They’re telling me that I may have to go back…PS

So, okay…I’ll ask the question..Where IS this place PS has to go back to? It’s a winding road through the wood. Where is this located, and what’s the significance? So far we have Cabin In the Woods which takes place in the woods…naturally. You have Evil Dead which…yeah, takes place in the woods. Then you have the other clues. An ear…which could mean Walking Dead…and then this path. Spending a lot of time in Georgia, the dirt has the look of some worn red Georgia clay. And it reminds me a lot of a place called Winder Georgia, specifically Fort Yargo. Now, what’s the connection there? Nothing…but everything in these last few blog posts scream Walking Dead to me. Even the woods.


Update 7-29-13


An untreated corpse has a certain air about it.  I learned this when I visited my friend at the funeral home.  They brought in a body that had gone undiscovered for a week. Unforgettable.
And for me, familiar.


What difference does it make who I am?  Paranoid?  Maybe.  How many of you are getting middle of the night phone calls, cryptic notes left on your car, and now own a smelly bag full of creepy clues?  Someone knows I have to look into mysteries…PS

Thoughts-Death is a very familiar smell to our PS. Especially forgotten corpses. It makes everyone wonder who this PS is…and why are they so very familiar to death? Then comes the next clue. Everyone in many Facebook groups are spending a lot of time analyzing every single frame of video, trying to find out who this person is. What does it matter? It seems like it matters a lot, actually. Someone knows our “hero” has to look into mysteries…that’s a big clue. One Boris Shuster looked into mysteries in 2008, or rather earlier in the last century, and it didn’t work out well. Of course he found out who Mary Agana really was, and that she was really Bloody Mary. He also found out what was happening to all of her patients. If our new “hero” has to look into mysteries, it could be because it’s in their blood…in their genes.


Update 8-4-13

There are a literal handful of updates on the Evil Takes Root Blog from the past few days.


They want me to go back.  But first I think I’ll go back to the parking garage where they left the note.  They must have security surveillance cameras…PS


Not as easy as I thought.  It’s not like on television or the movies – you can’t just walk into a parking garage security office and get footage from their cameras for a specific day/date/time.  There’s no


So we’ve gone from the grotesque to the paranormal…


So unless ghosts come with music and sound effects, this is part of the reason for planting the backpack.


Since I was directed to the backpack, it was placed there for me to find.  No one else.  Someone went to a lot of work assembling all the elements inside.  I cannot tell you why…PS


Why not call the police?  Why extract one item per week?  There is a reason for not dumping the whole lot out at once.  It is “against the rules.”

So thoughts on this? We have ghosts, or at least the images of little girls in the woods. There are so many different things it could be, but the one thing that sticks out is The Red and White Queens from Resident Evil. The girls in the video walk around a bit, and are flickering from red to white and then in some manner green…almost like it’s a 3D picture without the glasses.



It’s a longshot, but the little girls walking around the woods look a bit familiar. It could be something else entirely. It’s also worth noting that the Red and White Queens were created for the film series, and were not originally in the video game series. The word paranormal is used a lot…and it’s rumored that La Llorona will be coming to Universal. It’s also interesting that on the site, there is now a Spanish button that wasn’t there before. Coincidence? Maybe. One thing that we did find, when we searched for “Little Ghost Girl in the Woods” was a shutterstock listing entitled “Ghost Girl”. It’s a long exposure video of a girl in white walking through the woods…I highly recommend clicking this link and watching the video!

It’s the same video that is used on the HHN Evil Takes Root Blog…minus the sound effects. Is it a clue to the next house? Could the next house have something to do with ghosts on film? Back in 2008 Dead Exposure was a wildly popular house that involved a photographer who took pictures during a zombie apocalypse. The catch was, you couldn’t see the zombies unless you used a camera flash. Could this long exposure video be a clue to a Dead Exposure type house, where we see ghosts? We should find out very soon.

Back to PS…PS brings up the point that this stuff is all planted, and was meant for he/she to find it. It also looks like it could have been doctored, with audio and visual clues.

Legendary Truth

If you signed up on then today you got your first email update.


 These are the updates that make my brain hurt. We have gotten the Groundbreaking badge. Horror Unearthed used badges to reward players last year. This email has several things hidden. Orazio, then the picture. A Google search comes up with the file name for Francesco Melzi d’Eril, who was an Italian politician. Take the name Francesco Melzi and search it with Orazio, and you get a painter who joined the house of Leonardo da Vinci. Could this be simple direction through misdirection? Look for one picture, and find another?

Back to Orazio. According to Wikipedia, Melzi had a son named Orazio. According to this article (click here) on the University of Rochester website, Orazio was eventually responsible for Leonardo’s notebooks. He really could care less about Leonardo’s or his fathers works…considered by many to be masterpieces… that the notebooks were sold off, or stolen, leaving his masterworks to be lost.

Okay, so what are we being pointed to? A place in the park? Maybe someplace that has something to do with great art? Maybe we are supposed to look someplace online? Any thoughts on this?

Update 8-6

Apparently a well executed plan can lead to unintended results…

According to subsequent newspaper reports, the emotional and eager witnesses at the execution got more than they bargained for.  None were the same after that night.  Each and everyone interviewed wished they’d never set foot near the prison.

So what it appears to be setting up for is another house. In the first video we get little girls walking through the woods. The video was a stock video, that used long exposure photography. Now we get a magazine that has the header of “Robert The Knife G—-“. And we have a botched execution. So, thanks to twitter, we did a little research and found Robert “The Knife” Garrow. A  killer who assaulted two little girls in the woods, and killed a teenager while having several others tied up. Garrow didn’t die in the electric chair, but things didn’t go as planned either. He escaped, but was later caught just a few yards away from the prison. While The Walking Dead will definitely use the prison, could we be seeing another prison and the story of something that happened? It’s probably not very likely that the story line follows Robert Garrow..but it does look like we may see another prison story. Since there are two videos, one of which being paranormal feeling in nature, this could be a house that Legendary Truth investigates.

Update 8/11/13

A number of books, films, and documentaries have been created, loosely based on the trial and execution.  And if believed, something horrific moves among us still.

After looking into this story, I wouldn’t bet against it.

The items “speak” for themselves…

At first I thought it was my responsibility to put meaning to each of these things. And now I realize that I am not supposed to connect the dots. I’m only supposed to show you the dots. That’s why there were rules…PS

On the night I followed the GPS coordinates and found the backpack, I was not alone in the woods. When I got back to my car there was another note on the windshield …which I haven’t mentioned until now, and for obvious reasons;

It set forth specific instructions with regard to opening the items in the backpack…in what order…and when.

  • Do not involve the authorities.
  • Make “the curiously obsessed” aware of your thoughts and findings as you puzzle through the odd evidence.
  • Do as you’re told and the deep dark answer you seek shall elude you no more.

There was one final rule;

  • Whatever you do, do not mention the rules.

Screw that, all the sniping is wearing me out…PS

I’ve got a funny feeling that tonight’s update may be the last update we see on the Evil Takes Root blog. There were rules from the beginning, which I’m not surprised about – but revealing them tonight speaks volumes. This week will be the HHN Reveal Week, where this year’s houses and possibly more will be revealed between August 12 – August 16 at midnight.

Okay, so we had rules, but we didn’t know about them of course. It seems that PS has revealed there are rules because there won’t be anymore posts. “Screw that, all the sniping is wearing me out…” – ponder on that for a moment. When The Walking Dead was announced, there was a lot of backlash towards Universal over it. The Walking Dead is not only returning as a house, but it’s returning as part of the main street experience. It blew over like a lead balloon with fans. “Sniping” – Does this refer to fighting? I personally am a member of the Horror Unearthed Facebook group and other groups too and there has been an awful lot of fighting this year over the event. PS has been reading feedback and maybe s/he’s tired of it. Maybe this is his/her way of saying we need to put aside our differences and work together. Maybe it’s too late for that.

I guess we’ll find out this week whether or not PS is done with the Evil Takes Root blog. We’ll post any updates here, so stay tuned.

*Update 8-12

Okay so I broke the final rule and admitted that I’ve been following secret instructions. Nothing bad happened. Not yet anyway. Just a little bit more to reveal from the backpack and I will, according to the schedule I was given.

Then, although I didn’t like it at first, I’m going “home” to Salzburg and finish.

So, it seems that our time with PS is coming to an end with “Reveal Week” starting. Salzburg…Germany? Our sleuth is German? And what work is there left to finish? I think we can expect daily updates this week, so stay tuned!

*Update 8-13

No one dare disturb the sound of violence…PS


The sound is key here. The cassette tape, a medium used from the 80’s, reveals sound that any monster kid from the 80’s should recognize. The bells, the coin, all distractions from the beast unleashed.

An American Werewolf in London?  Seems a bit odd, considering the film is 32 years old. However, it is a Universal film. It is a classic, and the theme of starting in the woods keeps things together. As expected, PS is being very quiet now. Not a lot of talking, just fulfilling an obligation.


*Update 8-14-13

Our dear PS is up to one line responses again. Are they clues?


Enough to cure the parched…PS


Travel has the power to transform one’s very soul.  Look what happened to me…PS

Change-well…it could be referring to bringing back defined scare zones, or numbers of houses to the thirsty fans?

Power to transform? I have a feeling we are being lead somewhere.

However..with all that said, our own investigator noticed something in the streets of New York, near Universal. A sign…has it been there before? Is it new?

It doesn’t look new….but


The windows of Universal have been known to hold secrets. In the shop above Union City News (the area that holds the Irish store) there is a sign maker.


You see that name? No? How about a closer look.


Paul Seminario…Sign Artist. None Better. Look at the O in the sign. That’s a pentagram…a five pointed star. Our PS has been showing us signs since this little escapade has started. Ps said that they had to be the one to do this, the one to give the clues, and investigate. Why did PS have to be the one to do this? The answer is right in front of us…None Better.

We have seen similar characters in the windows, such as Boris Shuster. I bet all eyes will be on that window now. There is one Paul Mad Signtist Seminario on Facebook, and like Goth Wackee…very little is known. He is  a student at Hogwarts, but who knows if it’s the same person. And what does this mean? So we have a name, we know he’s into signs. Why exactly is he leaving clues? Why is he being told? Where will we even see him?

*Edit-According to Tyler Branan on Facebook, the Paul Seminario-Sign Artist sign was there…but the “none better” and pentagram was not there three weeks ago. We have a mystery on our hands kids!

*Update 8-23

After a very eventful week of reveals, everything has been DEAD quiet. What EVIL is now making itself a RESIDENT? What will be the last house announced?
Clues are starting to roll in. First with the official @HorrorNightsorl Twitter and an image.


Could we still be talking Walking dead? The famous line “they’re coming to get you Barbara” is right from the original Night of the Living Dead. A few of the original “dead” series takes place in Florida.

Then there’s good ole PS

I swear to god that the park and windows are part of Six Flags New Orleans. Then there’s the line “THIS IS NO GAME”
Not sure, but this screams to me Resident Evil.

Not very familiar with the game series, but if you know…speak up in the comments below!
And what appears to be a dead dog? Nice touch. the heebs now.


Ever hear of Chernobyl? Once upon a time in Russia, there was a huge nuclear power plant called, Chernobyl. It blew up…or at least had a meltdown and pretty much made life there, and in the town of Pripyat unlivable. Pripyat was a town just for the workers of the power plant, and it included schools, houses and even an amusement park. Our dear PS’s video was shot, it seems in Pripyat.

Here’s the same swing seen in the video:


So what does this have to do with anything? This is a new clue, and possibly a new direction…or is it?

It’s a stretch, and you can research the roots of Chernobyl, and Resident Evil and make connections from the video games all the way to the Bible. Will we be seeing Resident Evil, or is this a whole new direction? Either way, we will get a reveal on the 29th.

Update 9-1

With just 19 days until the event opens, the updates from PS have stopped, as well as any Legendary Truth updates…until today


The years that are present on the little snippets, are all years that correlate to something that has happened in Legendary Truth history, either in real life…or in the fictitious history that has been created. The answers to this year’s events and clues lie buried in real history, in the life and works of Leonardo DaVinci. It’s a complex tale that seemingly has nothing to do with the actual event…or does it?

Like many things with Halloween Horror Nights, there’s meaning behind everything. What does this all mean? We have yet to see any gameplay on the official HHN23 Experience website (click here) and the in park game will start when the event does. So, it’s best to research all of this now in preparation for Evil.

Update 9/6/13

the incident

Update 9/13/13

dark portal

Update 9/15/13

Legendary 20Truth 20 7C 20THE 20COLLECTIVE 20 7C 20Choose 20Legion

The Legendary Truth website now gives users the choice to choose their Legion when they log in. The Legions of Horror originated in 2012’s interactive game, Horror Unearthed. If you participated in last year’s game, you won’t be able to log in and choose your legion again as your choice from last year was remembered.

However, if you didn’t participate last year and you just created your account, you will be promoted to choose from one of the six legions of Horror. They are:

legions of horror

So many questions. Stay tuned as we decipher clues and figure out what’s happening.

If you have ideas let us know in the comments below. We will speculate and toss ideas out there. The only thing we ask is that you be respectful of all theories and ideas. All the wrong guesses will work themselves out in the end. It’s going to take everyone working together as a collective to figure this one out. Are you a member of the collective?So many questions. Stay tuned as we decipher the clues and figure out what’s happening.

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