SeaWorld Orlando’s Spooktacular offers great family Halloween fun, without the scare


Halloween is always a double edged sword for families. On one hand, you have all the gruesome, grown up fun of being scared and watching scary movies. On the other hand, you have the kids. Without kids, there really wouldn’t be a Halloween, after all the best part of it is the dressing up and going trick or treating. SeaWorld Orlando understands that very point, and skips the scares and gets right to the good parts. Dressing up and trick or treating. Their annual Spooktacular is back with more candy and fun than ever.



SeaWorld Orlando’s Halloween Spooktacular is a sea of fun, with roaming hordes of fish and sea witches instead of chainsaws and zombies. Every character at SeaWorld is inspired by the sea and is very much designed to be family friendly.


Trick or Treating is open to everyone, but the adults are definitely given different treatment than the kids. Kids are each given a bag, and multiple pieces of candy at each station, while adults are given one bag per family for adults, and one piece of candy per station. The event is aimed at kids after all, and the kids are definitely the focus with trick or treating.


The entire area along the bay all the way to Shamu’s Happy Harbor, is converted into a spooktacular play land for kids. There are roaming shows, crafts and special surprises sprinkled throughout the entire area. While there are no set show times for the roaming shows, they tend to happen every fifteen minutes. The best tip to catch them all, is to just wander around until you see characters coming out, or if you see a crowd gathering, stop and watch!

Princess Penelope’s Party Zone is a live party with story times, fun activities and a live DJ that spins kid friendly party and haunted hits. You will see special character appearances by SeaWorld mascots in their Halloween costumes, and even under sea royalty.


Speaking of characters, you never know just who you will meet when you go about Trick or Treating. Dog fish, cat fish, Hammer Head sharks and Manta Rays are just a sampling of the critters you can meet while walking around under the sea.

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Guests can decorate cookies for about $6 dollars a piece. They are given huge sugar cookies, with a decoration pack that includes icing, sprinkles and candy. New this year is the Princess Penelope Party zone in the front of the park. The party zone is a free for all dance party, filled with spooky fog and loads of fun characters. It’s a fun way to cap off the day at Spooktacular.

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SeaWorld’s Spooktacular also features a special Sesame Street show featuring Count Von Count and friends. Of course all the regular shows and rides are also open during Spooktacular. SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular is included with admission, and includes candy bags for your gathering pleasure! It takes place Saturdays and Sundays in October.

For more information about SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, visit the official website by clicking here!