Legoland Florida digs up new thrills with all new GCI “Mini-Llennium Flyer” trains on wooden coaster


Wooden coasters are some of the most unique rides in the amusement industry. Over the past year the wooden coaster industry has changed by leaps and bounds, pushing boundaries and limits for white knuckled thrill seekers. Legoland Florida, known for it’s family friendly rides, has also pushed the limit on new wooden coasters. Only, instead of defying gravity, and breaking records for white knuckled riders, they’re going after the tamer “pink knuckled” riders. Legoland Florida partnered with wooden coaster manufacturers, Great Coasters International (GCI) to make one of their signature attractions faster, smoother and full of more thrills than you can shake a brick at.



Earlier this week at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), GCI unveiled one of their all new creations this week with a smaller version of their Millennium Flyer trains. The Millennium Flyers are known for being wider, more comfortable and providing a smoother ride on the big coasters. However, Legoland Florida isn’t exactly known for their big coasters.


The all new Mini-Llennium Flyer trains are meant for the smaller, family wooden coasters. Legoland Florida’s Coastersaurus is the first roller coaster to use the new trains. The coaster has received a lot of love from Legoland Florida over the past few years, and is one of the most fun coasters in Florida because of it.


In a relatively quiet turn around, Legoland Florida went from announcing the trains on Tuesday, to opening the coaster with the new trains on Thursday.


The new trains go from the traditional looking roller coaster trains, to a Jeep off-road vehicle, a perfect vehicle for a dinosaur adventure! The new coaster trains give a lot more room for adults and kids a like, and provide a safe ride, while feeling a little more out of control.


The coaster trains are renown for being wider, and more open than traditional coaster trains. They give riders the feeling of being more out of control, and provide a little more air time. However, they are just as safe (if not safer) than traditional coaster trains.

Take a ride on the all new CoasterSaurus with the brand new GCI Mini-Llenium Flyer trains!

Coastersaurus is the only wooden coaster at Legoland Florida, and only one of four coasters at the park, all of which are designed for the smaller thrill seekers, and their families. Coastersaurus has a top speed of 32 mph and a drop of just 40 feet, with a height requirement of 42″ inches.

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For more information about CoasterSaurus at Legoland Florida, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!