SeaWorld San Antonio teases “#NewShores”, coming to Aquatica in 2014



SeaWorld San Antonio started teasing #NewShores earlier today on Twitter. It looks like SeaWorld San Antonio will be bringing an all-new experience to Aquatica San Antonio in 2014. Aquatica San Antonio opened in May of 2012, replacing the park’s existing water park, Lost Lagoon. The park opened with several slides, lots of sand, animals, and lots of fun to have! But what’s next?

With the success of Aquatica San Antonio in 2012, Aquatica San Diego was just added to SeaWorld San Diego this year. Every single Aquatica water park (Orlando, San Antonio, and San Diego) will be adding something new for 2014. SeaWorld San Antonio hasn’t announced anything official yet regarding what’s coming, but they will be teasing their fans on Twitter all week. If you don’t already follow SeaWorld San Antonio, click here to follow them!

Hints toward the new attraction:

  • #NewShores hashtag created to chat about new addition
  • Tropical sounds will fill the air in 2014

What could be coming to Aquatica San Antonio for 2014? New shores leads us to believe they will be building another beach. Aquatica San Antonio already has a wave pool with a beach, but they don’t have many animal attractions. It’s possible they will be building another animal attraction that will include a zero-entry point into a pool. Similar to Stingray Falls, it’s possible they will have an attraction that will allow you to view the animals from the ride, as well as a wading pool that will allow you to interact or feed the animals. What might you be able to see from the beach? Guests might be able to swim with Dolphins at Aquatica San Antonio next summer or cruising around a tropical reef. While this sounds extremely far fetched, recall that this idea was previously rumored prior to 2001 that included a water-slide expansion at Discovery Cove. That idea was scrapped and that idea turned into Aquatica Orlando, which included animal experiences within the park. While this is pure speculation, it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Aquatica San Antonio may be taking these concepts and merging them. Afterall, Discovery Cove allows guests to get closer to animals than any other park.

*Update 11-5

From the official SeaWorld Texas Twitter:

@SeaWorldTexas: New Attraction-Tropical sounds will fill the air next year at Aquatica Texas! What do you think it will be? #NewShores

Sounds filling the air? Could the park be getting an aviary? While Aquatica San Antonio has a lazy river, Discovery Cove takes the lazy river concept and puts it through a huge free flight aviary. Its an amazing experience that could be a great addition, if it turns out to be true.

Update 11-5

Another update from the official Twitter:

@SeaWorldTexas: We’re inviting friends from around the world to be a part of the new Aquatica Texas attraction! #NewShores

Doesn’t seem like much of a clue, until you realize that the new attraction could possibly feature animals from all over the world. The bird aviary at Discovery Cove features many bird species from all over the world, including many endangered species.

Update 11-6

From the official SeaWorld Texas Twitter:

@SeaWorldTexas: Fully submerse yourself in this 360 degree attraction as you discover uncharted Aquatica territories! Announcement coming Thur! #NewShores

@SeaWorldTexas: Lounge in the serene waters at this new oasis! #NewShores #AquaticaTexas #AnnouncementThursday

And with that we’re going nuts. At first we thought Aquatica San Antonio was going to be doing just one part of a Discovery Cove attraction, but each of the clues point to a diffetent part of Discovery Cove. Guests are submerged in SeaVenture at Grand Reef, and surrounded completely by tropical fish. Freshwater oasis gives guests a place to relax while lounging and sipping drinks. Could a whole Discovery Cove park be coming to Texas?

Stay tuned for the announcement later this week!

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