Thrill Weekly Poll-Best Theme Park Food Destination 2013


Food at theme parks have come a long way in the many years since theme parks have entered into our lives. What used to be consisted of deep fried fatty foods, and popcorn now ranges from quick snacks to gourmet dining experiences. From eating food on a stick, to watching the flowers and candlesticks dance around you as you eat, food is no longer something you eat but more in something you do. With Thanksgiving looming over us in the coming weeks, what better time to say thanks to the wonderful theme park food than to say it by voting for your favorite theme park food destination!




This week we let you decide which park is the best damn theme park destination. Period. In the past, we’ve lumped theme park destinations at a singular location together. Walt Disney World would include all the parks, the hotels and entertainment complexes. This year, however, we’ve decided to break each area up. Just because you have some great food at one place in theme park resort, doesn’t mean that all of it is great. In that interest, we’ve broken up the theme park destinations, and have nominated each park individually, and have even given special recognition to several theme park hotels, and entertainment complexes. There is just so much great food out there at theme park destinations, that we thought it time to recognize as many as we could!

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We’ve nominated our list based on several factors:

  • Food critics and reviews
  • Personal experiences
  • Reader opinions and trip reports through Facebook and Twitter
  • Other website opinions and reviews


For the past three years the Best Food Destination has belonged to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Will they cook up another victory, and remain the Best Theme Park Food Destination? Vote and decide!

There are tons of great food destinations in the U.S. and unfortunately we can’t get to them all. If we have forgotten your favorite theme park food destination, make sure to write it in on the “Other” ballot and we will consider it for nomination.

Congratulations to all of the nominees! We recommend that all nominated parks and fans share on Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media outlets. This poll will determine the Best Theme Park Food Destination of the Year in our annual “Thrill Weekly Awards” which are to be announced January 6th, 2014. This poll will be open until 11:59 p.m. EST on November 10th, 2013.


Good luck and have fun!