Halloween Horror Nights Orlando Survey reveals more pricing options for HHN 24


It’s the simple rule of supply and demand. They supply it, you demand it, and they can charge whatever they think you’ll pay for it. If a recent survey from Universal Orlando is any indication, then you can most likely expect to pay a little bit more for your fair share of scares, screams and chainsaws when Halloween Horror Nights 24 cracks the crypt this September.



In an email survey sent out to random guests (myself included), Halloween Horror Nights ticket prices and options were discussed in great detail. The survey focuses mainly on the options if ticket prices were to be raised. However, one interesting option talks about limiting the period that the Frequent Fear Pass can be used.  Some options discuss sliding it just to the first few weeks of the event, others talk about the middle, while one option has it just for the week of Halloween.

For those unfamiliar with the Frequent Fear Pass, it gives you several nights admission to Halloween Horror Nights for one price. Depending on the option you choose, the ticket is good for just about all nights, except for Saturday night.

For those familiar with the FFP, don’t start rioting in the streets. Universal is very good about sending out surveys asking opinions from their guests, and just because they ask about something, doesn’t mean they will actually make it happen. However, what we may see is a sliding scale for the ticket. The later in the event, the cheaper (or more expensive) it could become.

The event gets more and more popular every year, with the lines being constantly blurred between “peak” and “non-peak” nights, thanks in large part to the Frequent Fear Pass, and the huge line up of familiar properties that the event keeps bringing in. Last year the event brought the worlds of Evil Dead, Resident Evil, Cabin in the Woods and The Walking Dead to life. This year, it stands to reason that we will see more familiar properties, and even more video game properties being used.

Only 8 months left til HHN!

(Sorry for the lack of survey pictures, I took the survey on my phone.)

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For more information about Halloween Horror Nights, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!