Top 5 Theme Park Websites of 2013


In 2013, we saw wooden coasters do amazing new things, watched as giant robots battled across Orlando, pulled an all niter with Monsters, and walked with the dead, through cabins and woods and many other dark and demented places. With so many amazing things that happened in 2013 in the amusement industry, we are really excited for what 2014 brings. Before we finally close the book on 2013, however, we will pay tribute to the best Theme Park Websites in the amusement industry for 2013 – as voted by you!

The internet has changed the way people get information and how information is shared. Theme parks are extremely popular in the American culture and they have become so popular, there are many websites out there on the internet that devote themselves to one specific theme park. Although there are many park-specific websites online, there are many non-park specific websites who devote their websites to everything amusement industry related. There are many great websites out there on the internet that relate to theme parks and the entertainment industry.

And the runner-ups for Best Theme Park Websites of 2013 is as follows:





And the winner… Drum roll please?

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Want to see what else was the best-of-the-best in the amusement industry in 2013? Check out the official list of winners by clicking here!

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