Love is Scary-2014 Valentine’s Day Haunts bring more guts and gore to romance then normal


Your stomach is in knots, your palms are sweaty and you can’t figure out what to say. Around the next corner is a do or die decision, and you have no clue what you’re going to do. Instead of sitting there and waiting for the worst, you make your move. No, we’re talking about your Valentine’s Day date, it’s time to get scary! Valentine’s Day has become one of the most popular dates for haunts to break the winter doldrums by opening their doors and offering a little something more than chocolate.

With so many lovers looking for the perfect date night, what better way to get someone into your arms than by scaring them into your arms? Haunt season is slowly starting to drift into various parts of the year, including Christmas. Now more haunts are celebrating even more holidays by giving fans a taste of horror in the middle of winter.

Here’s a list of some of the haunts that will be open this Valentine’s Day:


Legends Dark Amusements-A Haunting in Old Town, Kissimmee Florida

While there isn’t a big Valentine’s Day theme to this particular haunt, it is the only year round haunt in Central Florida. A one of a kind experience, that is perfect for a date night, or any night for that matter. The haunt will be open all Valentine’s Day weekend…Tell Mr. Ashdown we sent you.


For Florida residents, from February 13 – 16th get buy one get one free admission to Legends-A Haunting at Old Town

Find out more information about Legends by visit their official Facebook page (click here)


Moxley Manor-Valentine’s Day Massacre, Bedford Texas

Praised as one of North Texas’ scariest attractions, Moxley Manor will be open Friday and Saturday night for a different type of romance as you try and survive the love that’s spread.

For more information visit the official website (click here)

TWINE-Haunted Dinner&Ghost Tour, Shreveport Louisiana

This is a different type of scare. Get dinner at one of Shreveport’s most celebrated restaurants, and take a ghost tour throughout the historic locations of the city to get a glimpse of ghosts, and hear spooky tales. Feb. 14th

For more information, visit the official website (click here)


Cutting Edge-Twisted Love, Fort Worth Texas

Cutting Edge will be open February 14th-15th for a romantic candlelight…fright. Venture through the world’s largest haunted house by only candlelight. Just don’t drop it, or your lights are out!

For more information, visit the official website (click here)


Castle Blood-Love&Death, Monessen Pennsylvania

A cynical look at the holiday of love, and the truth behind it all. Death, and revenge is all the hidden part of Valentine’s Day that you don’t hear about. Feb 15th-16th

For more information, visit the official website (click here)

The Asylum-Bloody Valentine, Nowatta Oklahoma

Test your love and discover how far you will go to be reunited once more! Tickets will be sold in pairs only. Find your way through the mazes and puzzles of The Asylum as you try to discover the key to your escape and (hopefully) happy ending. Feb 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd

For more information, visit the official website (click here)


Blood Manor-Bloody Valentine’s Weekend, New York City

New York’s scariest haunted attraction is open for Valentine’s Day weekend. They are bringing out the sexy zombies of the Gorgeous and Gory Calendar to meet with fans, and even win autographed copies of the scary and sexy calendar. Feb 14th&15th

Visit the official website for more information(click here)

District of the Dead-Eat Your Heart Out, Buffalo New York

Three Valentine’s Day haunts are coming to feast on your love…be afraid. Feb 14-16th

Visit the official website for more information (click here)


Tayman Graveyard-Valentine Massacre, Midlothian Texas

Find yourself trapped within the walls of a Victorian funeral parlor as the lost souls try to get out, and you are left with only a candle to guide your way. Feb. 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)


The 13th Floor-A candlelit night of Horror, Denver Colorado

What was meant to be a romantic night has now become a tale of bloodied hearts and terrifying revenge that will keep you and your date or friends clenched in fear! Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)


Sinister Pointe-Battle Royale, Brea California

Couples vs. Singles duke it out in horrifying challenges, and hilarious trivia at Sinister Pointe. Friday night is already sold out, so make sure you get your tickets for Saturday soon. Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)


St. Alban’s Sanitorium-Necromance, Radford Virginia

Love never dies, it haunts. Find the love that will hang around on select weekends in February. Feb 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd

Visit the official website (click here)


Brighton Asylum-Dark Romance, New Jersey

Two different experiences to go for. Find love and let the actors touch you as you wear a red glowing necklace. Choose not to wear one and they will not touch you. Feb 15th-16th, 22nd

Visit the official website(click here)

The Sanctuary-Tunnel of Love, Oklahoma City Oklahoma

A lights out, led torch lit adventure through the dark with your loved one over four stories of darkness and terror, with the chance to be part of a one of a kind photo op at the end. Feb 14th-16th

Visit the official website (click here)


Dark Hour Haunted House-Love is Blind, Plano Texas

They say love is blind, it’s also crazy. Go through one of the most demented haunted houses and give your love one a reason to get close to you that night! Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)


Talladega Frights-My Bloody Valentine, Bakersfield California

The idea of spending Valentine’s Day alone got you down? No worries as Talladega Frights will surround you with all the…love you’ll ever need, and may ever get. Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)


All Saints Lunatic Asylum-Dark Hearts, Apple Valley California

What lengths will love go to in order to feel again? Can the criminally insane ever really love, or do they obsess? Find out. Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website(click here)


Kingsbury Cemetary-Hearts of Darkness, Painted Post New York

Well, not every haunted attraction is about love. Sometimes things are just for the love of being dark. Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website(click here)


Scream Acres CT-Bloody Valentine, Covington Kentucky

A haunted attraction to make your heart feel again, and a zombie prom to help you dance your fears away. Tons of stuff happening for the loving, and the love lost. Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)

Warehouse 31-Bloody Valentine, Pelham Alabama

Can you hold your bladder? For two nights the folks at Warehouse 31 will try to get you to pee yourself as you traverse through their haunted maze full of love lost and broken hearts. Feb 14th-1th

Visit the official website (click here)

Arx Mortis-Bloody Valentine, Killen Alabama

It’s that time when love is in the air and the sweet smell of new victims fills the hallways of Covington Clinic. Can you make it out on your own? Or will you fall to the doctors? Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website(click here)

Chainsaw Massacre-Amarillo Texas

It’s the…cutting edge…of horror as you navigate your way through this full contact haunted house. No rules, no love, no pain…unless you want there to be. Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website(click here)

Scarehouse-Broken Hearts in the Basement, Etna Pennsylvania

Dare to journey into the depths of the full contact haunted house where the creatures left in the basement are looking for love, and they may just get it with you. Feb 14th-15th SOLD OUT

Visit the official website(click here)

Fright Manor-Bring Your Valentine, Indianapolis Indiana

Travel through the demented halls of the manor and bring your date face to face with demented clowns, maniacs and killers. And you thought your relationship was stressful now? Feb 14th-15th

Visit the official website (click here)

No matter where you are, there seems to be a whole lotta lovin going on at haunted attractions this Valentine’s Day. Keep checking back as we add even more loving fun to your Valentine’s Day. It SHOULD go without saying that the Valentine’s Day haunts will be open Valentine’s weekend, but sometimes schedules change so be sure to click the link next to each attraction to make sure of the dates, and times and to buy tickets before you go.

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