Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith goes to Walt Disney World


It’s a tradition that dates back over 20 years, the team wins the Super Bowl, and the crowd chants for the MVP. As the camera turns, they ask the “You just won the Super Bowl, What are you going to do next?” And this year it was Defensive Linebacker Malcolm Smith who made the announcement that has grown into our collective conciousness.

“I’m Going to Disney World!”


It’s the first time in the program’s history that a defensive player has won MVP, and only the third time that a linebacker has won the Super Bowl MVP.

Malcolm Smith is the 47th person to speak the famous lines while “When you wish upon a star” plays in the background, although the program first started in 1987. Since then it’s been an expected saying at every big event and championship, with American Idol winners, Basketball players and more saying the famous line.

Video-Watch the Magic Kingdom parade as Malcolm Smith rides down Main Street

For Smith, it really is a dream come true. The 24 year old worked his way hard through college, playing through injuries and as a backup player. With the hard work and dedication, he has become the Super Bowl MVP, proving that it’s elbow grease, and not pixie dust that makes it happen…though Pixie Dust probably helps.

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