20th annual TransWorld Haunt Show 2014 kicks off in St. Louis!


They’re here! The 20th annual TransWorld Halloween and Attractions show kicked off on Thursday in St. Louis, bringing with it gore, madness and mayhem…all ready to come to your local haunted attraction. The TransWorld Show is one of the largest trade shows in the haunted attractions industry, and brings in haunt owners, operators and designers from all around the world to not only find their next horrible inspiration, but also to network and demonstrations in the latest make up techniques, scare tactics and more. The show has goes all weekend, and includes seminars, shows, demos, and parties…but the show floor is where most of the mayhem happens.



Everything a haunter needs can be found on the show floor, it’s the ultimate haunted attraction marketplace. From animatronics, and fake blood, to corpses and lighting, TransWorld supplies most of your favorite haunted attractions with the tools they need to make you scream.


TransWorld is also the place where most haunt companies reveal their new products. Our friends at Froggy’s Fog has rolled out several new items, but this year it’s something that you can eat that takes center stage.

Video-Edible bubbles from Froggy’s Fog

Edible Bubbles…you read that right. Just imagine going through your favorite haunt event, or even better a kids event. Bubbles come flowing right over head, and instead of just walking past them, you open your mouth and catch them on your tongue…like snowflakes. They taste like bubblegum, and don’t stick in your hair.



Costumed characters roam the show floor looking for a victim…err…to showcase their impressive costumes. The floor features everything this year from mock haunted houses, new realistic masks and more.

The TransWorld Halloween and Attractions show runs from now until Sunday March 23rd in St. Louis.

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