Bindi Irwin chats about Generation Nature at SeaWorld, Blackfish and more


Just last week, SeaWorld parks announced that they were teaming up with renowned conservationist Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter and conservationist extraordinaire, Steve Irwin. Bindi, along with her conservation charity, Wildlife Warriors is teaming up with SeaWorld. Their mission, get kids involved in the environment, and help in anyway they can. With SeaWorld, Bindi is producing a series of webisodes focusing on different animals, ways that kids can help, and more. We recently caught up with Bindi for a one on one interview to talk about the new venture, and much more.


Bindi Irwin is no stranger to conservation work, and working with animals. She lives, literally, right in the middle of the Austrailia Zoo, the largest zoo in Austrailia. She has been working with animals ever since she could walk and has developed a love with them right from the start. So why SeaWorld?

“We’ve always admired the conservation work that SeaWorld does,” Bindi says “they have conservation efforts happening all over the planet. Wildlife Warriors (Irwin’s Conservation group) and I wanted to join forces with SeaWorld and expand on these projects and do more for wildlife in wild places.”

Instead of going after the adults, who call the shots as it is in households all over the world, Bindi and SeaWorld are looking to appeal to kids. Through the official Generation Nature website (click here) and SeaWorld Kids, Bindi hopes to inspire kids to learn more, and do more right in their backyards to help wildlife where they live.

“As kids, we are the next generation to make a difference. It’s really important for us to stand up and make a difference.”

While the response has been very positive, there is a little bit of negativity due to the anti-SeaWorld film Blackfish. Supporters don’t believe that Bindi Irwin should be associated with SeaWorld or their efforts. The negative feedback has been enough for bands to cancel out on their appearances at SeaWorld, but what effect has it had on the fifteen year old Bindi?

“For me personally, I’m all about being passionate and following my dreams, and my heart. Whether you agree or disagree with me, this is what I love to do and what I will continue. I will work my whole life to spread the message of wildlife in wild places, just like my mum and dad.”

Focusing on the positive is something that her family, including her father, has always done. To see Bindi carry on in his footsteps seems like the legacy that the “Crocodile Hunter” would want to leave to the world.

Video-Listen to the entire interview with Bindi Irwin and hear more about Generation Nature


Be on the look out for more from Bindi, as she expands her partnership with SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Parks. In the future, it’s very possible that Bindi could appear in the parks as the site and Generation Nature continues to grow.

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For more information about Generation Nature, and to see the first webisodes from Bindi Irwin, visit the official website by clicking here!