Breakaway at SeaWorld Orlando’s Aquatica with a behind the scenes look at Ihu’s Breakaway Falls!


There’s nothing like it that will be taller in Orlando. Step up to the edge, and get ready to watch as you and your friends drop away, one…by one. It sounds like the premise of a horror film, but it’s actually the huge new thrill ride at Aquatica Orlando, opening May 9th. Ihu’s Breakaway falls will take guests over the edge and splash down in this all new thrilling attraction. Aquatica Orlando is taking us behind the scenes of the new attraction, and giving you a first look at all the construction happening.


Just yesterday Aquatica Orlando installed the first of three breakaway boxes that will drop guests down the huge drop and into the water below. The all new attraction will be the first of it’s kind, dropping groups of guests together, straight down into the water depths below.

To keep you up to date with what’s happening with the slide, Aquatica Orlando has released the first of several webisodes, showcasing the all new attraction.

Webisode 1-Inside Look at BreakAway Falls


Ihu’s Breakaway Falls open May 9th at Aquatica Orlando. Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest SeaWorld and Aquatica happenings!

For more information about Aquatica Orlando, visit the official website by clicking here!