Disneyland 3/2/2014 – Big Thunder Testing, Rain, Space Mountain and More!


Today we find ourselves in rainy Southern California as we venture into The Happiest Place on Earth as well as the wettest place on earth. Many of the parks attractions are currently under refurbishment or closed due to the rain itself since Disneyland is more of an outdoor ride park than most other Magic Kingdom properties.


Recently announced the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage has closed and is currently set to return late 2014. The refurbishment is said to be a refreshing of the coral reef scenes as well as updating and repainting many of the interior scenes. The walls lining the lagoon have received artwork to help sway the mind of those doubtful of the attractions late 2014 return. Each poster features stylized Finding Nemo characters.


The entire lagoon has been drained and will see major refreshing between now and this fall.


On the other end of tomorrowland, sharp eyed Disneyland fans may notice something new on Space Mountain, can you spot it?


In order to comply with OSHA’s new safety rail regulations an additional ring has been installed on top of the famous Space Mountain dome. Hopefully this means they’ll be able to repaint it soon. It needs it very badly.



The walls on the back half of Big Thunder Mountain have been removed revealing some brand new themeing as well as offering a glimpse at the ongoing testing leading to it’s early April opening.


The train seems to be brand new. A great look at the level of detail being added to the classic attraction.


While I was walking around the park they were sending water dummied trains through the track offering a glimpse at the shiny new trains.


Video-Big Thunder Mountain testing at Disneyland

We will end this quick look at Disneyland with a glimpse of the line for the Captain America meet and greet. It’s currently going through AP Previews and is expected to open later this week.


Captain America is the third Marvel presence to be felt at Disneyland. The other two being Iron Man and Thor. While these are just meet and greets, and minor attractions, it tells us that the potential for a major attraction in Disneyland is there, and so is the interest. It’s not a matter of if they’ll put a major attraction in, but just a matter of when. It’s entirely possible that a clone of the Iron Man attraction going in at Hong Kong Disneyland will eventually come to California.

Slideshow-Check out even more pictures from around Disneyland!

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