Ferrari Land coming to Port Aventura


Ferrari is a worldwide symbol for quality, precision and speed. Port Aventura is Spain’s symbol of family fun and thrills. The two are coming together to bring Europe the first ever Ferrari Theme Park. Ferrari is already a legend in the automotive industry, and the Formula One racing circuit. Ferrari is also well established in theme park industry, and looks to solidify their theme park fan base with this huge undertaking in Europe.


Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi opened in 2010 with the world’s largest indoor theme park, and the world’s fastest roller coaster-Formula Rossa. Port Aventura is looking to duplicate that success in Spain with Ferrari Land.
The 75,000 square meter site will feature several new rides, a 250 room themed hotel and a simulator track that will be used for racing cars. The new are will cost about of the new Ferrari park will represent an investment of over 100 million Euros, or about roughly $130 million dollars.
Andrea Perrone of Ferrari praises the decision and the partnership:

“After the successful experience of the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World we have received numerous requests to launch new Ferrari theme parks. After a thorough selection process, we have selected Investindustrial’s solid project backed by skilled and experienced people and the opportunity to bring the Ferrari allure in Spain where there are a lot of supporters and fans including a lot of tourists attracted also by the PortAventura destination resort. “Ferrari Land” will further strengthen the Ferrari brand in the region. “Ferrari Land” will appeal to entire families as well as Formula One supporters. We will continue to further look at the launch of additional Ferrari theme parks outside of Europe with no rush, while continuing to maximise the value of our prestigious brand without diluting it.”

The big question remains, will there be a bigger faster coaster than the 149 mph world record holder, Formula Rossa. As of right now, no plans have been announced,  but they will utilize several rides including the world’s tallest fastest vertical accelerator in Europe.


Concept art from the official Ferrari Facebook page confirms that it will indeed be a coaster. Tallest is currently Port Aventura own Shambhala, at 249 feet, and the fastest is currently Ring Racer at 99 mph. It will be taller and faster than both of those, however not likely to break any worldwide records. Kingda Ka is currently at Six Flags Great Adventure is currently the tallest while Ferrari World’s Formula Rossa is the fastest.
Guests can more than likely expect clones of Ferrari World’s other attractions, but also some original concepts as well.
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For more information about Ferrari Land at Port Aventura, visit the official website by clicking here!