Help bring the nightmares to life-The Netherworld Film Project is on Kickstarter


Netherworld brings nightmares to life every haunt season, with state of the art scares, amazing actors and some of the most twisted creations that the depraved minds at the haunt can think of. When haunt season is over, however, so are the nightmares within the hallowed halls of Netherworld. However, the haunted attraction is hoping to change that, and they need your help to bring your nightmares not only to life past haunt season…but to the silver screen.


Netherworld, the Atlanta area haunted attraction, is looking to bring their brand of terror from haunt season to the big screen. The attraction is consistently ranked in the top haunted attractions in the country, as well as on our own Must See Haunted Attraction list (click here) every year! The attraction served as the haunted house in the film Zombieland and just last year hired on filmmakers to create their TV commercial.

NetherWorld also plays home of famed special effects artist Roy Wooley. Roy has been creating nightmares at Netherworld as the head of their makeup department for over 15 years! Roy starred on the hit TV show Face Off seasons 3 and 5, as well as served as the makeup artist on various films such as Rob Zombies Halloween II, Zombieland, the Greenskeeper and many more! We will be catching up with Roy at TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show next week so stay tuned for an interview!

Face Off - Season 3

Netherworld has Hollywood level effects and creatures beyond those you see in any film. So, why not make a horror film based around the haunted attraction?

Video-The Netherworld film project


While the filmmakers are promising a more detailed look at the haunted attraction, there also appears to be a narrative that could make for a very good story. What kind of endless franchise could you make just on the creatures who inhabit Netherworld during haunt season? The haunt always uses the ghastly figure of a butler-like demon, complete with top hat and tails. Perhaps we will get the chance to see his story, or even better, once you see him…the terrible tale is about to begin!

There are all sorts of levels on Kickstarter, with backing starting at just $1 dollar. Of course, the more you donate the more you get from them…even an executive producer credit. The campaign has just 25 days to go, and needs to get to $30,000 to get the project off the ground.

Stay tuned as we follow the progress of The NetherWorld Film Project, and be sure to follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates.

For more information, or to help with The Netherworld Film Project, visit the official Kickstarter page by clicking here!