Rumor Mill-2015 will be the year Universal Studios Hollywood goes Back to the Future with HuvrTech


Filmmakers promised us an amazing life in 2015. Science has just a year to catch up, but it’s getting there. Nike has promised auto lacing shoes, scientists are working on a flying car, and we play video games without using our hands. Still, there are a few things missing. The biggest of which, is Back to the Future in a theme park. Well, that just might change.


Rumors are circulating, and the mill is churning, but we could see Back to the Future come back to Universal Studios Hollywood for 2015. Sources and rumors strongly suggest that the park is secretly working on plans for the 35th anniversary of the film, which will include a huge release party for the 35th anniversary of the disc, but also a return of some sort of attraction to the park.
This is just a rumor, and unless the park confirms it, it’s not happening!
Universal Studios Hollywood has had several attractions in the past, such as the groundbreaking simulator ride, and the set on the studio tour. The Hill Valley set and Courthouse Square from the Back to the Future series was featured on the Studio Tour from the 90’s all the way to into the mid-2000s. From there it was converted and used most recently in The Ghost Whisperer. In 2008, a fire destroyed a portion of the courthouse square area, along with many other iconic pieces of the tour. While the set was rebuilt, it was rebuilt and left to match the show Ghost Whisperer.

Since Back to the Future The Ride closed in 2007, there has been no interactive trace of the movie franchise, with the exception of the original DeLorean, which was recently restored and is still on display behind Plexiglas in the NBC Universal Experience next to the Transformers ride in Hollywood.

We’ve heard eager fanboys talking about at least the Studio Tour portion of the attraction coming back. While it would be a great idea, there really isn’t a huge reason for it to happen.

Then the rumors started. The 30th anniversary of the original Back to the Future is coming up in 2015, how appropriate. In November of this year, the 25th anniversary will come up of Back to the Future 2, and May of 2015 the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future 3. We’ve heard that not only will there be a huge celebration of all things Back to the Future with Blu-Ray releases, and a huge look back at the film…but there may be something else.

Video-Huvr Tech is real…or is it?

We were sent the link to the video above, and lo and behold we see Christopher Lloyd bringing out a prototype for a real working hoverboard. Yeah, we don’t think it’s real either…but it is very convincing, and whoever put this together put a lot of cash into it. We see Doc Brown, Tony Hawk and Moby…Moby? All demonstrating the cool, REAL, Hoverboards. On the official site for Huvr Tech (click here) there is a countdown for a big announcement coming in December of this year.

Is this somehow linked to the film, and the big anniversaries? While we would shrug it off, we can say that Mattel had some difficulties recreating the copyrighted pink designs on the iconic Hoverboard for their replica release a few years back. This either hasn’t caught the eyes of Universal execs yet…or…they’re in on it.

We’ll be keeping a close on Huvr Tech in the coming months.

But where does that leave Universal Studios Hollywood? the big rumor is that yes, the Back to the Future Set will return, but not in it’s original place. Wouldn’t it be cool to see the clock tower and square will be rebuilt for a permanent new set which guests will see a DeLorean come racing onto the street, and zip along at 88 mph before disappearing behind a flash, and leaving behind flaming tire tracks. Impossible? Maybe so,  but there are early talks for BTTF to return to Hollywood’s studio tour in some way shape or form in 2015. This could be as small as a photo op or as large as a renovation of courthouse square and mini ‘show’. But is that all that is planned for the studio tour for 2015? Far from it.

Construction has recently started in the former location of the Tomb of the Mummy tunnel in a fairly well hidden location. While nothing is certain, insiders are claiming that it’s going to be used for an all new 360: 3D attraction themed to Fast and the Furious and share the same updated tech being developed for Island of Adventure’s upcoming Kong attraction.

Again, these are only rumors, and until the park officially announces it, it’s not happening.

Update 3-5-14

Well crap. That was fast. Funny or Die was quickly called out on the whole Huvr Board thing, and quickly confessed. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you could win the BTTF 2 Hoverboard signed by everyone involved in the hoax. (Click here for details)

Yeah, it was a hoax. Yes, we knew it…but dammit we can hope can’t we? Still, that takes even more of the fun out of any sort of tie in with Universal and the 30th anniversary. We can still hope for the rest of the rumors, however.

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as we keep an eye on Huvr Boards and more. Be sure to follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest news.

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