SeaWorld’s 50 year celebration begins this Friday at ALL SeaWorld Parks!


SeaWorld parks have changed the way that we think about the ocean. Regardless of your position on the park, you can’t deny that SeaWorld is the driving force behind our love for the sea, and our better understanding of the animals around it. On Friday March 21st, all three SeaWorld parks will kick off their huge 50th anniversary celebration that will go from now until September, and will submerge guests in a “Sea of Surprises”.



For 50 years SeaWorld parks have been inspiring us to not only venture into the sea, but to also learn more about the animals. Arguably, the parks have put sea life, and the welfare of whales and other cetaceans into public awareness, more than any other organization in the world. Without parks like SeaWorld, showing people what these animals are like and capable of, would we know as much, or care as much? While that’s debatable, what isn’t is the positive impact that the park has had on conservation, both with it’s rescue efforts and with their education efforts.

For the 50th anniversary of the opening of the original SeaWorld park in San Diego, all three parks will be doing something huge to mark the occasion.

SeaWorld San Diego

The park where it all began will be changing the way you walk into the park with the all new Explorer’s Reef. The reef will immediately immerse guests in to the spirit of the sea with touch pools and displays, designed to get guests closer to the animals than ever before.

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SeaWorld San Antonio

Deep in the heart of Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio will showcase their park with an all new flamingo exhibit in the front of the park.

Video-New Flamingo habitat announced!

Later this summer, guests will be able to visit the all new Roa’s Aviary at Aquatica San Antonio and interact with the birds like never before!

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SeaWorld Orlando

The signature park in Central Florida will have a huge celebration on the day of the anniversary, and then starting Saturday will launch their Just For Kids event, which will focus this year on making education fun, and getting kids involved in helping the planet. Most recently SeaWorld announced that they were partnering with Bindi Irwin to help get the word out about the all new interactive experience Generation:Nature

Interview with Bindi Irwin about Gen Nature

Later this summer, Aquatica Orlando will premiere the all new Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, where friends will get to watch each other drop over the edge…one at a time.
Video-Dare Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

All parks will officially kick off the huge 50th anniversary with a massive celebration on Friday. Each park will kick off their Sea of Surprises with special giveaways, surprise squads and special music and features in every single park. You never know just what you’ll find in this exciting Sea of Surprises!

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