Southern California theme parks close Saturday as area gets drenched


Rain rain go away. The normally dry area of Southern California is getting drenched, causing many of the areas theme parks to either close early or stay closed altogether. In parks that are open, heavy downpours are creating small areas of flooding and making things difficult for guests to get around. Other parks are issuing rain checks to come back. Though the rain is causing tons of problems for the area, it’s rain that comes when it’s really needed.

Photo courtesy of Mike Peraza (via Facebook)

Photo courtesy of Mike Peraza (via Facebook)


Pictures circulating Facebook and Twitter show the streets of Disneyland covered in water, as guests still try to enjoy a day of magical fun. While it’s causing cancellations for parades and outdoor shows, and many of the outdoor loading attractions at both DCA and Disneyland do not operate under stormy conditions. SeaWorld San Diego also remains open, though some rides are shut down.

Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that they will be closed all day Saturday, due to the inclement weather, but plans to reopen on Sunday, as the rain is expected to move out of the area. Knott’s Berry Farm is also closed due to the weather, and had to reschedule a private event that was to take place on Friday night.

Universal Studios Hollywood remains open, though they are currently issuing rain checks to come back again and visit when the weather is more Southern California, and a little less Summer Florida.

While rain is a definite nuisance, it does make one of the best days to enjoy your favorite theme parks, provided you take the proper precautions.

  • Take umbrellas or buy a poncho. All theme parks usually sell the inexpensive coverings, and it helps keep your upper body dry
  • Wear crocs, sandals or other water shoes. There’s nothing worse than wet feet, especially if you’re sporting a great pair of sneakers. Instead of wrestling with soggy socks, try some shows like Crocs that allow the water to escape, and don’t require socks. Of course, you’ll have to watch your step, as they tend to get slippery
  • Extra Clothes. Either take a change of clothes with you in a water tight bag, or leave an extra change in your car. There’s nothing worse than driving home with that smell of wet theme park clinging to you
  • Avoid lightning. This is actually a big one. If you hear thunder, that means that there is lightning in the area. Lightning counts for around 23 deaths every year, with the majority being in Florida and Arizona. When you hear lightning, it’s best to avoid being outside for at least 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder. You’re at at a theme park to have fun, not become BBQ
  • Grab a bag from the gift shop. If you suddenly find yourself in a deluge, gift shops usually will give you a bag free of charge to store valuables in, such as wallets, cell phones and car keys

While the weather is gloomy, it’s been over a year since Southern California received any significant amounts of rainfall, so it is in huge need.

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