Springfield Midway Games NOW OPEN at Universal Studios Hollywood



Just like its Orlando sister, the Hollywood version of The Simpsons Ride received a slurry of all new midway games lining the attractions façade. The games themselves are identical to Orlando’s, just oriental different to fit the smaller façade of Hollywood version. Let’s take a video tour of the new area!

The ride side of the attraction features Strike 3 and Eye-Carumba.


The left side of the attraction features Wild Willie and Santa’s Little Helper Derby.





Unlike the Orlando version 3 seprate midway games sit to the left flank of the attraction. These include Dunk or Flunk, Sideshow You! and Thar She Throws.


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That does it for this quick look at the all new midway games. Overall they add a great new dynamic to the entire Simpsons Ride Plaza area. It gives folks a reason to linger and hangout really livening the nearly 8 year old attraction up. To experience the new midway area yourself. Visit and to purchase your own ticket, visit their ticketing webpage here.