Suspicious package found at Universal Orlando police investigating


We have a story coming out of Universal Orlando, where a suspicious package has been found. Orlando Police Department, Fire crews, tons of people investigating. The package has been receiving calls notifying authorities around 7 p.m. this evening.


There are no reports of injuries, which is the most important thing, but the investigation is ongoing. The parks have been closed since about 8p.m. and as of right now no one is allowed in, or out of CityWalk. We have several reports from inside CityWalk saying that personnel are not allowing guests to leave the area, and that they are being kept from the parking garage.

We do have friends and family inside CityWalk at the time and they report that people are being kept out of the parking garage, and that bomb squad is on the scene.

Orlando Sentinel reports someone has been taken into custody, but can’t confirm that (click here).

Safety is the number one concern at Universal for guests and employees, and it’s been stated to those inside the venues that everyone will remain until the all clear is given. It’s a hectic situation, however fast thinking on the part of the theme parks and guests have made what could be a terrible situation, only a minor inconvenience.


Some reports coming in say that guests were asked to evacuate the parking garage over two and a half hours ago, and told to relocate to the Central hub. There have been no explanations given, except that it is a medical emergency.


Currently Universal is paying taxi service for guests who need to leave the resort, but anyone with a car in the garage is being told to remain. Guests are free to leave their cars in the parking garage.
Guests were able to access their vehicles around 1a.m. with many still waiting. The all clear was given though fire and police officials remained on the scene at 2 a.m.
Universal was reimbursing individuals for cabs, and those who left their vehicles will be able to pick them up in the morning when the parking garages reopen.
While guests were inconvenienced, no one was injured, and everyone remains safe.

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