Walls come down around two new CityWalk venues at Universal Orlando


The steam is starting to roll faster at Universal Orlando’s CityWalk as the promised eight new venues are getting closer and closer to opening. So far two of the eight have opened, with Red Oven opening late last year, and Antojitos Authentic Mexican opening just a few short weeks ago. Now, Universal is getting ready to throw the doors open on two more, as the walls have come down on a brand new shop, and a huge refurbishment.


While Starbucks doesn’t technically count as a new venue at CityWalk, the location is completely new. Previously the Endangered Species Store was housed in the area that is now occupied by a Starbucks. The area is larger, more open and downstairs to accommodate more crowds.


Chairs and tables outside will help with the crowding that happens in the current location upstairs. The open patio will give guests a great place to escape the heat, and stay out of the rain. While the Starbucks location is currently still open, it’s rumored that it will close within days of the new Starbucks opening to make way for the all new restaurant, CowFish which will feature a new cuisine mixing sushi and gourmet burgers.


Right next door, the all new Coldstone Creamery will open. The Ice Cream shop will be joined later by Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt upstairs. Coldstone is new to Universal Orlando and will be a welcomed relief during the summer.

The remaining shops to be opened are: Bread Box, Vivo Italian Cuisine, Menchie’s, The Cowfish, Hot Dog Hall of Fame and an all new Universal Studios Store.

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