Celebrate with us at Legends-A Haunting in Old Town this Saturday


Cake? Ice cream? Maybe a little celebratory drink? That’s how most people celebrate birthdays…that’s how NORMAL people celebrate them. However, we do things a little different. This week marks our main writer, Erik’s birthday (or should we say…birthSLAY) and we want to celebrate it with you. Being that it’s only halfway to haunt season, and Erik is a massive haunt fan, we are going to celebrate it in the one place where it’s always haunt season, and Halloween is always creeping around the corner waiting to get you. We are going to celebrate at Legends:A Haunting in Old Town, and we want you to come play!



This Saturday night, May 3rd, we will be joining the Twitchlings in Legends for a one night only exclusive party! There will be no cake, no party hats, only the sounds of screams and panicked breathing as you are stalked through the halls of Ashdown&Sons.
We will be joining other Theme Park Bloggers to scare hapless guests at Legends: A Haunting at Old Town. We will be looking for you, do you have the guts to face us in the dark?



We will be at Legends this coming Saturday, May 3rd and we want you to join us! This Saturday only, simply say “Happy Birthday Erik” at the box office for half off admission. If you’ve never been through Legends, it is Central Florida’s only year round haunted attraction. Guests are invited to tour Ashdown&Sons mortuary, where death is how they make their living…and business is good. Nasty rumors have been circulating that Archibald Ashdown was a terrible man who would experiment on bodies, and even make dead people appear when business was…slow. Of course Archibald has been dead for years, though it is said his ghost roams the halls of Ashdown&Sons…along with the vengeful souls who were put to death by his hand…allegedly.

Video-Take a tour through Ashdown&Sons

Come join us this Saturday night, May 3rd at Legends-A Haunting in Old Town, and get your haunt season fix!
Stay tuned as we bring you more fun and celebrations very soon! Be sure to follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!

For more information about Legends-A Haunting at Old town, including tickets hours and more, visit the official website by clicking here!