Ihu’s Breakaway Falls sets up the final piece, and passholder preview dates!


There’s going to be #NothingTaller like it in Orlando. On May 9th, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls at Aquatica Orlando will open to the public as the tallest multi-person drop slide in Orlando. Recently the park put the final piece together for the slide, and announced the opening date. However, passholders will truly be some of the first to ride the new attraction as they begin previews for the new thrill slide at the beginning of May.



The all new Breakaway Falls will feature three face to face,  breakaway boxes that allows you and two friends to stand together and watch as you drop one by one…by one.

In an all new video  Aquatica Orlando’s Vice President, Bryan Nadeau, takes guests behind the falls and shows just what is going into the all new attraction to get it ready for grand opening.

Video-Go Behind The Falls at Aquatica Orlando


If you want to be one of the first to ride the all new slide, you really should be a passholder. A recent passholder mailer gives dates as to when the slide will be open for passholder previews.




Passholders will be able to ride the new slide beginning May 3rd at 10a.m. and will be able to continue the previews on Sunday May 4th, and Wednesday May 7th. All passholders are invited to bring two guests to experience the terror with, but admission for each person is required. Wristbands for the event will be given out, and it will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Passholders and their guests will truly be the first guests to ride the new attraction, even before the grand opening and media preview later that week.

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For more information, including tickets or annual passes, visit the official website by clicking here!